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Bill Kristol Claims President Trump May Be Rooting For NATO To Fail

Politics | Nick Givas
'Could he want to have it fall apart?'

NeverTrumpers Eat Crow As President Looks To Turn SCOTUS Right For A Generation

US | Scott Morefield
'Sometimes I love being wrong,' -- Glenn Beck

#NeverTrumper Bill Kristol Falls For President Trump Parody Account

Media | Scott Morefield
Thankfully, the internet is forever

Bill Kristol Fantasizes About Foreign Leaders Siding With Mueller

Media | Peter Hasson
'How great would it have been if ...'

Matt Schlapp And Bill Kristol Throw Down Over White House Leaks On CNN

Politics | Nick Givas
'I’m glad they’re leaking'

EW! -- Bill Kristol Sends Tweet That Will Make You Physically Cringe

Media | Justin Caruso

Bill Kristol Predicts Democrats Will Sweep Midterms And Turn GOP Against Donald Trump

Politics | Nick Givas
'They'll need a little help from people like me'

Bill Kristol On Cohen Office Raid: 'This Is War' Between Trump And Mueller

Media | Justin Caruso
'This is a huge escalation'

THE DAY HAS COME -- Even Bill Kristol Is Praising Trump's Latest Move

Media | Justin Caruso
Finally, Kristol has something good to say.

SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS -- Bill Kristol Says Trump Is 'Scared' Of The Mueller Investigation

Media | Justin Caruso

'Very Rattled' - Bill Kristol Rubs His Bald Head, Pontificates On Trump's Inner Feelings

Media | Justin Caruso
'He did not look to me like a president who's feeling cocky...'

Bill Kristol Went On CNN And Tried To Accuse Ben Ferguson Of Attacking The FBI. Then Ferguson Unloaded With One Simple Fact

Politics | Nick Givas
'Listen clearly because you're putting words in my mouth'

Tucker Took His Gloves Off, Slapped Bill Kristol In The Face And Challenged Him To A Duel

Media | Amber Athey
Et tu, Bill?

If Bill Kristol Is A Conservative, Why Is He On MSNBC Saying These Things About Republicans To Joe And Mika?

Politics | Nick Givas
'It's funny but it's sad'

Bill Kristol: Trump's Government Shutdown Behavior Is Too 'Partisan' And 'Personal'

Politics | Nick Givas
Says it's 'healthy' for GOP to work with Schumer

Bill Kristol: It Will Be 'Amusing' If Trump Voters Get 'Betrayed' On Immigration

Media | Justin Caruso
Never Trump conservative gloats over potential DACA deal...

Bill Kristol Can't Resist Praising Oprah, Supports 2020 Run

US | Nick Givas
'She's an impressive woman'

Oprah Won't Be President. This Tweet Is The Reason.

Politics | Justin Caruso
Dear Lord...

Bill Kristol Gets Owned For Iran Flip-Flop On MSNBC

Media | Nick Givas
'You've been arguing to bomb Iran'

Bill Kristol Is Spreading A False Fear About Trump Without Any Evidence

Media | Nick Givas
'He fears it and wants to end it'

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