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You'll NEVER guess what Republican Bill Maher is vigorously defending

‘This guy does nuance on everything’

Piers Morgan missed his target in America

File photo of Morgan, host of "Piers Morgan Tonight," posing during the Turner Broadcasting Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena

And it wasn’t his accent that did him in.

HBO's Bill Maher tired of wailing woman whose son was on the Malaysian flight


Sensitivity training much?

Bill Maher: 'The biggest problem in politics is that we don't really have a Left Party'

‘The Republican Party of 20 years ago became the Democratic Party of today’

The Mirror Questionnaire with Sydney Elaine Leathers


Anthony Weiner’s sexting partner answers our questions

Coulter versus Maher: Two debate immigration reform, Cruz and birther jokes


‘Real Time’ host spars with conservative commentator

Maher to Europe allies upset over NSA snooping: 'Cut us a little slack when we're protecting you'

‘We liberated Europe twice in the last century’

Maher says something so dumb even Chris Matthews thinks it's dumb


‘I think that’s something that probably he thinks about at night’

Three out of four liberals: Abolish Homeland Security

Host of HBO’s ‘Real Time’ says DHS has outlived its usefulness

Maher attacks New York Times, Chris Matthews for shaming Weiner and Spitzer

‘There just seems to be no sort of consistency in the media’

Bill Maher hammers Islam: 'It's the liberals here who don't quite get it'

HBO ‘Real Time’ host compares Mecca to the Vatican

Maher: Pot legalization 'the new gay marriage,' 'the next civil rights movement'

‘Real Time’ host spars with former Rep. Patrick Kennedy over marijuana ‘rights’

Why I heckled Bill Maher

Bill Maher

After the liberal comedian made fun of Sarah Palin’s special-needs child, I made fun of him.

Jack Welch, Bill Maher, Lindsey Graham: We support Obama's NSA

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Left and right rally for executive power after news of NSA spying on law-abiding Americans

Bill Maher: 'I think the pope might be an atheist like I think Obama is'

HBO Real Time host jumps on Pope Francis I’s recent comments to speculate that the pontiff is a non-believer

Bill Maher: GOP guilty of 'treason'; Michael Moore: 'They hate America'

Debate on HBO show focuses on whether Republicans are traitors or terrorists

Maher asks when Obama is 'going to get the memo that pot is the new gay marriage' [VIDEO]

HBO ‘Real Time’ host criticizes president for his ‘BuzzFeed’ joke at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Bill Maher: Comparing violence of Islam to Christianity 'liberal bullsh*t' [VIDEO]

‘Real Time’ host smacks down guest who claims Islam doesn’t have a monopoly on violent extremists

Bill Maher: 'The Second Amendment is bullsh*t'

‘It is as much a problem on the left as the right. Nobody is stepping forward to say we have to end this fetish-ization of the guns, this love of guns’

Steve Schmidt: There's never a good time for Sarah Palin [VIDEO]

Republican strategist bashes former VP pick