Bill Maher Rips PC-Left As 'Humorless Jackoffs' Over Halloween Costume Outrage [VIDEO]

Entertainment | Derek Hunter

Calls out ‘lazy liberalism’ that see whining as an accomplishment

Bill Maher Feels The Bern

Elections | Chuck Ross
Bill Maher endorses Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, Oct. 17, 2015.

Comedian endorses Sanders, socialism

GOP Congressman Explains Why He Goes On Bill Maher's Show

Politics | Steve Guest

‘Members who care look for people who are contrary to their views’

Bill Maher Defends Police In Ahmed Clock Situation

Entertainment | David Hookstead

‘It looks exactly like a f*cking bomb’

Matt Lewis: 'I Went On Real Time And People F**king Hated This Shirt'

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

But haters, he’s going to wear it again. The insults won’t stop him.

'EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED': Bill Maher Turns On Obamacare?

Politics | Jamie Weinstein

‘It’s More Expensive, Too Confusing’

This Liberal Comedian Has Been As Anti-Vaccine As Anyone

US | Chuck Ross

‘Flu vaccines are bulls**t’

Morning Mirror

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
morning mirror 7 x 3-2

'You're Just A Baby': Bill Maher Calls Out Rush Limbaugh Boycotters

Politics | Chuck Ross

‘This may surprise you’

Bill Maher Blasts Liberal 'P***y Nation' For Fear Of Insulting Islam

US | Al Weaver

‘Here’s the important point: hundreds of millions of [Muslims] support an attack like this’

CAIR Spokesman Compares Bill Maher To The KKK

Education | Alex Griswold

Funny, they never said anything when Maher was attacking Christians.

UC Berkeley Students Don't Want Bill Maher To Speak At Their School

Education | Chuck Ross

Liberal comedian still under fire for comments about Islam

Bill Maher: Michael Brown 'Was Acting Like A Thug'

US | Derek Hunter

Says he was not the ‘gentile giant’ he’s portrayed as

Conservatives Can Learn From Bill Maher And Sam Harris

Opinion | Chidike Okeem
Bill Maher

Critiquing your own side is intellectually healthy.

Bill Maher Is Right: Ben Affleck's Muddy View Of Islam Highlights America's Religious Relativism

Opinion | Dustin Siggins
Bill Maher

Support for executing apostates and adulterers is unsettlingly high across the Muslim world.

HBO's Bill Maher Acts Like An Irritating Prick In Interview With Salon

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

This is what happens when you try to control the press

Pelosi: Civilization 'In Jeopardy' If Republicans Take Over The Senate

Politics | Chuck Ross

‘The Democrats are messengers of hope’