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Meghan McCain Slams De Niro, Maher For Anti-Trump Comments [VIDEO]

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
'I thought it was gross'

The Daily Daily Caller Podcast: Hollywood Hates You

Editorial | Derek Hunter
Robert De Niro and Bill Maher can't contain their contempt for anyone not like them

Bill Maher Is Fine With Another Recession If It Gets Rid Of President Trump

US | Virginia Kruta
'Sorry if that hurts people.'

Bill Maher Suggests 'Grateful Black Folks' Like Alice Johnson Could Cause Trump To Rise In Polls

Media | Scott Morefield
'He let this beautiful black lady go. Well, Obama didn’t do that.'

Bill Maher Defends Trump-Orangutan Joke In The Wake Of Roseanne Fallout

US | Virginia Kruta
'One, Trump is an orangutan.'

Bill Maher Says Trump Supporters Are 'Married To The Mob'

Media | Scott Morefield
New York City is 'not sending their best people'

Bill Maher Rips Trump-Kanye-Rudy Bromances: Matches Made On 'OKStupid'

Entertainment | Virginia Kruta
'It's like improv comedy, except it's not funny.'

Bill Maher Delivers Open Letter To Roseanne, Begs Her To Reconsider Trump

Entertainment | Virginia Kruta
'You’re now the face of the Trump supporter.'

'You Need To Have Respect' -- Jordan Peterson Schools Bill Maher Panel On Consequences Of Removing Trump

Media | Amber Athey

Bill Maher Defends Laura Ingraham, Calls Boycott An Attempt To Kill Free Speech

Media | Virginia Kruta
'I know it sounds ridiculous.'

Geraldo Rips MSNBC In Bill Maher Interview -- 'Where's The Collusion? It's An Illusion!'

Media | Scott Morefield
"Where's the collusion? It's an illusion!"

Bill Maher Blasts Fox News' Influence On Trump: 'America's Being Run By Steve Doocy'

Entertainment | Scott Morefield
jealous much?

Dana Loesch Crushes Bill Maher After He Calls Her A Showbiz 'Wannabe'

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
'Weinstein-wannabe skeeze...'

Democratic Challenger Laughs And Agrees When Bill Maher Calls Ted Cruz An 'Asshole'

Politics | Scott Morefield
"Well, don't forget he's a giant asshole."

Liberals Eat Their Own: Bill Maher Gobbles Up HuffPo And Salon

Media | Amber Athey

We Watch CNN's Terrible Media Show So You Don't Have To (02-25-18)

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
Uh oh -- Glenn Beck comes on and bashes CNN.

Bill Maher Calls All Republicans 'TREASONOUS RATS'

Media | Justin Caruso
Is he serious?

Afternoon Mirror: Reporter Attacked For Praising Ex-White House Aide Steve Bannon

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

Bill Maher Gives Bob Saget His #MeToo Moment, Gropes Him On Airplane

Entertainment | Nick Givas
'Forgive me!'

Bill Maher: 'It Doesn't Matter' If Democratic Primaries Were Rigged

Media | Justin Caruso
'And, you know, it doesn’t matter, first of all, now'

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