Even Democrats Have To Admit Trump Is Keeping His Promise On BioFuels

Opinion | Ronnie Shows
Trump Reuters/Carlo Allegri

It’s nice when a politician — even one I don’t support — keeps his word to voters

Despite Progress, Algae Diesel Stills Years To Go In Development

Energy | Tim Pearce
An X-ray tomographic picture of fossil thread-like red algae, tinted to show detail

‘A path toward scale and commercial viability’

Jail For Green Fraudsters

US | Kathryn Watson
CDC handout shows a bio-hazard waste container

New Energy Fuels employees went to great lengths to get EPA tax credits

Why Is Obama Allowing Big Oil To Kill Biofuels?

Opinion | Ronnie Shows

Renewable sources of energy should be part of the nation’s future, not just our past.

Renewable Fuel Standards Are Driven By Ideology And Rent-Seeking, Not Science

Opinion | Lee Lane
File photo of E85 Ethanol biodiesel fuel being pumped into a vehicle at a gas station in Nevada, Iowa

They’re neither cost-effective nor green.

Navy Looks To Purchase 37 Million Gallons Of Biofuels

US | Michael Bastasch

‘Expanding military energy sources improves the reliability of our overall fuel supply’

EPA doubles down on non-existent biofuel mandate despite court ruling

US | Michael Bastasch
EPA Administrator

‘Today’s decisions by EPA are emblematic of an irreparable Renewable Fuel Standard’

Oil and gas lobby sues EPA over biofuel mandate - TheDCNF

Politics | Michael Bastasch
Oil Prices

‘EPA’s overzealous 2013 biodiesel mandate is unworkable’

Obama's push for biofuels evokes Carter's 1980 State of the Union - TheDC

Politics | Gene J. Koprowski

Carter once asked Congress for the ‘most massive peacetime investment in the development of synthetic fuels’

Al Gore is half right on ethanol

Energy | Dave Juday

Gore has come out against corn ethanol, but he continues to support cellulosic ethanol. There’s a reason for that.

How to prevent future oil shocks

Energy | Mark Maddox

The U.S. needs an all-of-the-above approach to energy.

Ethanol loses Big Oil, big advocates and maybe big subsidies - TheDC

Energy | Dipka Bhambhani

Advocates of ethanol subsidies turn on the industry in the face of rising food costs and deficit spending

Food security is national security

op-ed | Catherine Bertini & Dan Glickman

Investing in agricultural development can keep America safe.

TheDC Morning: How the left astroturfed net neutrality into existence - TheDC

Energy | Mike Riggs

Read TheDC Morning: An unvarnished e-mail summary of what’s really happening in political news

TheDC Morning: House passes bill aimed at denying stupid immigrants citizenship - TheDC

Energy | Mike Riggs

An unvarnished e-mail summary of what’s really happening in political news

Tea Party, greens unite against ethanol tax credit - The Hill

Energy | Chad Brady (admin)

Extend all of the Bush tax cuts

Energy | Derek Hunter

Congress should not eliminate any credits, be they for anything from children to ethanol.

Corn ethanol: He was for it before he was against it - TheDC

Energy | Amanda Carey

In 1994, Vice President Al Gore cast the tie-breaking vote to authorize ethanol production, now he calls it “bad policy”