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Natural gas infrastructure must be a key national security priority

The company logo of Russian natural gas producer Gazprom is seen on an advertisement installed on the roof of a building in St. Petersburg

Diplomacy is about more than tweets.

Sen. Menendez's donor-doctor is nation's top Medicare biller

Menendez and Corker hold a news conference after a Senate vote on an aid package for Ukraine at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

Maybe that’s why the eye doctor has a private jet

Congress claims it was misled over secret 'Cuban Twitter' project to stir political unrest

Demonstrator holds a placard as another takes a picture of the national guards during a protest near Cuba's embassy in Caracas

‘We were notified in the most oblique way, that nobody could understand it’

Morning Mirror


Democrat blocks honor for border hawk Cesar Chavez

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Robert Menendez speaks to the media on Capitol Hill in Washington

Progressives are rewriting Chavez’s pro-American advocacy

Time for a can of Whoop-Assad?

John Kerry

Senate committee votes for resolution authorizing use of force in Syria

Kerry hedges on America 'boots on the ground' in Syria

‘I don’t want to take that off the table an option that might or might not be available to the President of the United States’

Cruz announces amendment to block pathway to citizenship

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz speaks to the media, Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2012, before he was elected. AP Photo/Pat Sullivan.

‘Providing a path to citizenship undermines the rule of law and is an insult to the millions who have immigrated to the U.S. legally’

Reid: It 'should be pretty easy' to pass immigration reform

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid at a new conference. Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images.

‘I only need eight Republicans, and I already have four, so that should be pretty easy’

'Gang of 8': Bill won't face same doom as gun bills

Sens. Chuck Schumer and John McCain. AP Images.

Sen. Schumer: ‘I believe that this is ours to lose’

Sources: Menendez holding up vote on resolution honoring Thatcher

Britain Obit Thatcher.JPEG

Senate Foreign Relations chair said to object to language honoring Thatcher

Menendez donor Melgen says he and embattled senator are 'like brothers'

Bob Menendez

‘He could do great things for this country, especially as chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee’

Lawyer behind Menendez prostitution allegations recants, fabricates media conspiracy

Melanio Figueroa

Tucker Carlson: ‘What I know for certain is this claim is a lie. The Daily Caller never paid anyone’

Jack Abramoff: Obama 'should cut off Menendez's head' over donor scandal


‘The same thing never stopped happening’

Dominican police: Three women lied about sex with Menendez


Authorities are seeking to interrogate a Dominican lawyer about the payments

Latino museum planned in place of Smithsonian building

Bob Menendez

New museum backed by Rubio, Menendez

Bob Menendez and the ladies of the evening: What we know

Max Cleland Campaigns With Menendez At Veterans Breakfast

Serious questions remain about affidavits announced Monday in the Dominican Republic

BOOK EXCERPT: Bob Menendez ran political machine in New Jersey's corruption 'ground zero' - TheDC

Harry Reid And Nancy Pelosi Discuss Judicial Nominees

Chris Christie biography paints senator as graft-motivated, questions Cuban refugee tale

Report: Relative of top Bob Menendez donor pushed apparent retraction of prostitution claim - TheDC

Bob Menendez

Vinicio Castillo is cousin to Salomon Melgen

Dominican prostitutes' lawyer, last month: Menendez charges not 'politically motivated'

Robert Menendez

Miami Herald: Attorney ‘said he found their interviews with the Daily Caller credible’