Protesters Rounded Up In Cuba Before Obama Arrives

Daily Caller News Foundation | JP Carroll
U.S. President Barack Obama tours Old Havana with his family at the start of a three-day visit to Cuba, in Havana
Protesters arrested after Palm Sunday Mass

Obama Gets Critical Vote On Iran Deal

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
President Barack Obama smiles during news conference in the East Room of the White House in Washington

34 backers mean he can veto resolution

Gawker Tries To F**k Charles Johnson With His Own Press

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

They insist he “cherry-picked” text that isn’t defamatory.

Indicted Democratic Senator's Chief Of Staff Used Ashley Madison Cheating Site

Daily Caller News Foundation | Ethan Barton
U.S. Senator Menendez speaks to reporters after the vote approving Lynch to be Attorney General, in Washington

He’s ‘very flexible’

Menendez: This Is Not About Supporting The President, This Is About National Security

Video | Steve Guest

Nuke agreement ‘falls far short’ of America’s objectives

Menendez Spits Hot Fire At Obama Admin Over Cuban Embassy

Politics | Al Weaver

‘Doubling down on a one-sided deal’

Democrat Senator: 'Our Red Lines To The Iranians Seem To Be Green Lights'

Politics | Al Weaver

The White House won’t like this…

What About Bob? Judge Denies Menendez Request To Move Trial

Politics | James Longley
U.S. Senator Robert Menendez arrives to the Federal court in Newark, New Jersey

‘The practical inconvenience of traveling to Newark from Washington is little”The practical inconvenience of traveling to Newark from Washington is little’

Democrats Exploit Amtrak Crash To Promote Big Government

Politics | Alex Griswold

Never let a crisis go to waste…

Even A U.S. Senator Is Entitled To Due Process And The Presumption of Innocence

Opinion | Lanny Davis
U.S. Senator Robert Menendez arrives to the Federal court in Newark, New Jersey

Who leaked the news about Sen. Menendez’s indictment?

Chris Wallace: Was Menendez Indicted For Opposing Obama's Foreign Policy?

Politics | Alex Griswold

‘Do you believe there is any connection…?’

Pat Caddell: Obama White House Is 'Nixon On Steroids'

Politics | Al Weaver

‘It is corruption’

ISIS May Be Succeeding, But Only For As Long As U.S. Political Leadership Allows

Opinion | Rebeccah Heinrichs
Still image taken from video of a man purported to be the reclusive leader of the militant Islamic State Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi making what would be his first public appearance at a mosque in Mosul

The U.S. must commit to breaking the will of the Islamic State.

Boehner's New Ally: Speaker Hits Back At Obama, Invites Netanyahu To Congress

Daily Caller News Foundation | Ivan Plis
Speaker of the House John Boehner wields the gavel for the first time after being re-elected as the Speaker of the House of Representatives at the start of the 114th Congress at the U.S. Capitol in Washington January 6, 2015. (REUTERS/Jim Bourg)

House GOP to Obama: ‘Hell no’

The Conservative Case For A New Cuba Policy

Opinion | Sen. Jeff Flake
File picture shows a car driving past the building of the the U.S. diplomatic mission in Cuba, The U.S. Interests Section, (USINT), in Havana

Isolating Cuba has failed. Openness is the real get-tough policy.

Dem Senator: GOP Concerns Over 'Emperor Obama' Are 'Laughable'

Politics | Alex Griswold

‘Obviously, it’s not amnesty.’

Natural gas infrastructure must be a key national security priority

Opinion | Geoff Davis
The company logo of Russian natural gas producer Gazprom is seen on an advertisement installed on the roof of a building in St. Petersburg

Diplomacy is about more than tweets.

Sen. Menendez's donor-doctor is nation's top Medicare biller

Politics | Neil Munro
Menendez and Corker hold a news conference after a Senate vote on an aid package for Ukraine at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

Maybe that’s why the eye doctor has a private jet

Congress claims it was misled over secret 'Cuban Twitter' project to stir political unrest

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Demonstrator holds a placard as another takes a picture of the national guards during a protest near Cuba's embassy in Caracas

‘We were notified in the most oblique way, that nobody could understand it’