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Hillary's Benghazi Denial Doesn't Smell Right To Bob Woodward

'Did she keep a diary?'

Bob Woodward: 'Obamacare is like a car stuck in first gear' -- and it will stay stuck for years

'The way these numbers are thrown around, what credibility do they have?'

Washington Post reporter falls for prank (and has no idea)


Erik Wemple really needs to start reading The Daily Caller

Bob Woodward: Obama's absence in shutdown talks 'a baffling element'

‘It’s on the president’s head’

HOWLEY: 6 Washington Post employees Bezos should fire immediately


Time to give these folks their Amazon gift cards and send them on their way

What is Bob Woodward saying about the WaPo sale?


‘This isn’t Rupert Murdoch buying The Wall Street Journal’

Bob Woodward: White House policy dealing with journalists could harm national security

‘I think it’s a really bad policy and they are really hurting themselves’

Bob Woodward advises Obama to admit he 'screwed up'

Long-time Washington Post journalist says clarity from the president is needed amid distrust and highly politicized environment

Bob Woodward: 'I would not dismiss Benghazi'

Famed Watergate reporter says message management following Benghazi was much like Nixon

Woodward to invite Sperling, Obama over to 'put this behind us' [VIDEO] - TheDC

‘Anybody who looks at the emails … can see that there’s respect and friendliness’

Woodward, Axelrod spar over Sperling email, sequester

Bob Woodward

Former White House top adviser pushes back against critical WaPo reporter

Bob Woodward defends himself, doubles down on White House criticism [VIDEO]

‘But it’s not the way to operate in a White House’

Coulter calls Bob Woodward a 'hothouse flower' [VIDEO]

Conservative commentator also rips Woodward’s MSNBC/Fox comparison

MSNBC's Steve Kornacki jokes Bob Woodward 'found dead' this morning

‘No, he is alive and well. Thank goodness’

Bret Baier: 'I think Bob Woodward has a little bit of explaining to do'


Fox News host questions WaPo reporter’s story

MATT LEWIS: Bob Woodward trolled us (and we got played)

Bob Woodward

Nothing sells books like controversy

Woodward: White House threatened me for reporting on sequester trigger [VIDEO]

‘You will regret doing this’

Bob Woodward gets rare praise during meeting of conservative Republicans

Bob Woodward

WaPo reporter who helped bring down Nixon lauded by GOP congressman for criticizing Obama

Legendary journalist goes after President Obama, sequestration

Bob Woodward

Legendary journalist Bob Woodward calls President Obama a liar in new book