BP cited for 5 more alleged violations - AP

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Regulators in October cited BP PLC for seven violations and contractors Transocean Ltd. and Halliburton

TheDC Morning: Run, bankers (run) - TheDC

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Read TheDC Morning: An unvarnished e-mail summary of what’s really happening in political news

BP profits drop 66% as a result of spill - WaPo

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BP profit drops after taking further charge on spill

Joe Barton: I was the Tea Party before Tea Party was cool - TheDC

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The Texas Republican, despite serving his 25th year in Congress, insists his values are in line with Tea Party priorities

BP's new blame-spreading report upsets coastal community - TheDC

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Gulf Coast residents are fuming at oil giant BP’s spill report

Feinberg: Oil spill victims may still be able to sue - Bloomberg

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Manager of BP oil spill fund hasn’t decided if victims receiving money from BP will be allowed to sue for more money

BP still receiving taxpayer funds in California - TheDC

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Taxpayers are footing a relatively small but symbolic amount of money for the company’s projects despite the government’s rhetoric

Gulf Coast to Hayward: You have your life back now! - Reuters

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To many Gulf Coast residents, five words doomed BP Plc’s outgoing chief executive Tony Hayward: ‘I’d like my life back’

Dudley set to succeed Hayward at BP - WSJ

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BP board to discuss Hayward’s departure and replacement by Managing Director Robert Dudley; new appointee would be first American at top of the oil company

British Prime Minister 'completely understands' BP anger - CNN

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Tuesday marked the three month anniversary of the spill

BP sells assets to pay off spill bill - WSJ

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BP PLC will sell its gas fields and gas pipeline in Vietnam as well as assets and exploration licenses in Pakistan

BP caps well - WSJ

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BP PLC said Monday that it has successfully installed a new sealing cap

BP mulls selling off billions in assets - WSJ

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A deal, which would go a long way to helping BP cope with the financial stress of paying for the clean-up of the Gulf oil spill, could be reached in the coming weeks

Florida beaches could be threatened by Cuban oil drilling - WSJ

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Oil companies planning on drilling off of the coast of Cuba, which is less than 90 miles from the Florida Keys

BP's cry for cash - FOX Business

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Oil spill causes BP to go back to banks for more funding

Giant clean-up ship met with puny response from bureaucrats

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It’s long past due that we put more resources on the problem. Every delay has enabled more oil to make landfall, and be whipped up and spread by potential hurricanes. By bureaucratic delays in finding and hiring bigger cleanup vessels, our government and BP have enabled the problem to be worse than it had to be

Oil skimmer prevented from heading to the Gulf - AP

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The world’s largest skimming vessel from Taiwan is being held up by red tape

Gulf Coast states demanding more BP payouts - WSJ

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Demands exceed $305 million already paid to the region

Obama White House under pressure - POLITICO

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The failure to stop the BP oil leak and dismissal of General McChrystal add up for a headache for President Obama

Podesta brother lobbies for cap-and-trade proponent BP - THE DAILY CALLER

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W.H. transition chief John Podesta’s brother Tony makes millions ‘monitoring’ legislation for BP, GM and other large corporations making news