The danger of armchair lawyering

Editorial | Sarah Field

Whether Rep. Barton was right to apologize for a government shakedown of BP is really beside the point. The real problem is that Congress and the Obama administration are standing directly in the way of a solution.

White House: Obama's golf outings 'do us all good' - The Daily Caller

Politics | Jon Ward

White House says Obama’s golf outings ‘do us all good’

Hayward claims innocence - WSJ

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Evidence shows BP ignored warning signs

Claim Game - The Daily Caller

| Jon Ward
Cornyn: Obama has become 'claims adjuster-in-chief'

Small slip-up causes big stir - NYT

Politics | interns

BP Chairman’s gaffe sparks outcry among listeners. BP attributes it to a ‘slip of the tongue’

BP is asking for its punishment—literally

Energy | Christopher Horner

So the truth is that BP has not only asked, for more than a decade, for the supposed punishment that President Obama now says is imperative he and the Senate now dole out in response to the Gulf oil spill. It has been pleading for it.

Could the spill restore Jindal as a GOP whiz kid? - AP

Politics | interns

Voters jaded by the response to Katrina helped Jindal win the governor’s office, and the oil spill could be the disaster that sends him to the fore of the Republican Party

BP buys 'oil' search terms bringing users to company website - ABC News

Tech | Pat McMahon

Oil giant wants people to get their news updates on the Gulf oil spill directly from the company

Judge sells investments to avoid oil spill conflict - Bloomberg

US | Jeff Winkler (admin)

Six of 12 active judges assigned to the federal judicial district based in New Orleans already have removed themselves from spill-damage lawsuits, according to a court official and public records

BP spill closes more fishing areas - UPI

Energy | interns

Slightly more than 31 percent of the U.S. federal waters in the Gulf of Mexico are closed to fishing because of the offshore oil spill

BP continues to struggle to stop the Gulf oil spill - WSJ

US | Pat McMahon

Oil continues to gush as BP tries to use the ‘top kill’ method to slow the output reaching the surface of the Gulf of Mexico

Congressional memo outlines BP mistakes - WSJ

US | interns

BP ignored warning signs hours before oil rig explosion according to report

How should we think about the BP oil spill?

Energy | Frank Hill

The federal government should start accounting for disaster cleanups on a forward-looking basis in the annual budgets by allocating, let’s say, $20 billion in a “clean-up” fund or whatever has been the running average for annual disaster cleanups for the past 20 years

Republicans put taxpayers ‘on hook’ for oil damage, Obama says - Bloomberg

Politics | interns

Senate Republicans threaten to leave taxpayers “on the hook” for damages from the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico by blocking legislation to raise the liability limit, President Barack Obama said

BP should pay, baby, pay

Feature:Opinion | Ron Hart

So far, BP has tried to shoot golf balls into the leak and put a thimble-like lid on it. Now they are trying to put in a straw to suck up the oil. I am all for creative solutions to problems, but it seems that by now BP has purchased all the Acme Corporation mail-order devices available to mitigate the mess

Splitting energy agency won’t solve the problem

Energy | Sarah Lee

There is a potential for real reform here and real minimizing of the inefficient bureaucratic red-tape that, more often than not, leads to oversight problems. However, as has been reported, this does not appear to be the direction things will go