Trump Playing Chess With Colorado GOP

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Supporters of U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump rally at the state capitol in Denver

Sacrifice the Colorado pawn for the Northeast queen a few moves later.

Does The First Amendment Only Apply To The Left?

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Trump supporters hold signs after Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump cancelled his rally at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Don’t like what Trump says? Then don’t listen and don’t assemble. But leave everyone else alone.

Mitch McConnell's Last Stand

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Reid's Deputy Chief Of Staff: 'McConnell Will Back Down' Over SCOTUS Nomination (Getty Images)

This Supreme Court vacancy may be the last chance for the GOP as an opposition party.

Obamacare Continues To Circle The Drain

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
U.S. President Barack Obama delivers remarks after the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 to uphold the nationwide availability of tax subsidies that are crucial to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, in the Rose Garden at the White House in Washington June 25, 2015. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

Chaos and confusion. Predictable? Yes. Intentional? Probably. What’s the end game? Single payer.

Single Payer In Colorado? Learn From Vermont

Opinion | Brian Joondeph

Since healthcare costs are already part of the existing budget, ColoradoCare wouldn’t exactly double the budget, but would come close.

Remember The 2007 Harvard Study Showing More Guns Led To Less Crime?

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
nova firearms guns

Lawmakers need to understand the consequences of their knee-jerk legislation

When Big Business And Healthcare Collide: Behind The Daraprim Controversy

Opinion | Brian Joondeph

Medicare happily pays the price set by big pharma. And in turn, big pharma then pays former Congressmen turned lobbyists.

Refugees, Or Invaders?

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Refugee raises a child into the air as Syrian and Afghan refugees are seen on and around a dinghy that deflated some 100m away before reaching the Greek island of Lesbos

ISIS is already present in all 50 states according to the FBI Director.

The Old Farmer's Almanac Versus Global Warming Alarmists

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Schoolchildren play in melting snow at Madison Square Park, in the Manhattan borough of New York City

It seems global warming only exists in the world of computer models.

Republican Establishment Playing A Dangerous Game Attacking Trump

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Republican 2016 U.S. presidential candidate businessman Donald Trump answers a question at the first official Republican presidential candidates debate of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign in Cleveland

The Republican establishment has itself to blame for Donald Trump. Nature abhors a vacuum.

Tom Brady Calling Signals From The Clinton Playbook

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady speaks at Salem State University in Salem in this file photo

Unfortunately for him, the suspension stands.

Trump Is Defying Conventional Wisdom

Video | Brian Joondeph

Would Trump capitulate like the Republican Congress in the face of Obama’s executive orders? Not a chance.

Defensive Medicine For Cops

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
A woman helps a younger woman balance on a rock during a protest against what demonstrators call police brutality in McKinney, Texas

Cops, like doctors, have to make probability-based decisions, and each group has their own version of “defensive medicine.”

Minimum Wage Increases Feel Good But Do Bad

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
David Coulombe, who works as a consumables sales floor associate at Walmart, participates in a march and rally for $15 minimum wage in Boston

Progressives can pat themselves on the back for their compassion, while ignoring the destruction left in their wake.

Connecting The Dots On Rising Gang Violence In Denver

| Brian Joondeph
A thriving marijuana plant is seen at a grow operation in Denver

Occam’s razor says legalization is playing a role.

A Tale Of Two Bakeries

Opinion | Brian Joondeph

It’s a war on Christians and their beliefs, but not against other religious beliefs.

Minimum Wage Karma Comes Full Circle As Independent Bookstore Shutters

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Light vehicle traffic is seen on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Economic principles don’t change because of liberal hopes

Meet the New Boss, Same As The Old Boss: They Probably Didn't Read The Cromnibus Either

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Speaker of the House John Boehner answers a question during a news conference on Capitol Hill, in Washington

The Hobbit is about one third as long.

The Ferguson Story If The Mainstream Media Had Its Way

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Police officers shadows are cast onto graffiti on the wall of a Subway during the second night of demonstrations in Oakland

Hands up, don’t spin

EV-D68: The Mystery Illness That's Not Actually A Mystery

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Jayden Broadway, 9, was diagnosed with EV-D68 in early October (

The connection between the immigration wave and enterovirus is hard to deny.