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Cartel Member Arrested In Brian Terry Murder

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
Sleep tight, Eric Holder

New Fast and Furious report places blame on senior DOJ officials

Politics | Matthew Boyle
'...for failing to supervise and for missing basic red flags.'

Filmmaker creates full-blown re-enactment of Brian Terry's Fast and Furious murder

US | Matthew Boyle
'The bullet just missed his ballistically-protected vest. Within minutes, he had no pulse'

Eric Holder in 1999: I care about victims

Politics | Matthew Boyle
'I have done my best to ensure that crime victims are treated properly and respectfully throughout the criminal justice system'

Gowdy: 'No reason to suspect' foul play on timing of DOJ unsealing 'Furious' indictment

Politics | Matthew Boyle
'I don't have any reason to suspect the timing of it'

Terry family: Fast and Furious accountability still stalled

US | Matthew Boyle
'Today's developments certainly mean that the criminal prosecution of Brian Terry's killers is moving forward'

Holder offers $1M reward for arrest of Brian Terry's killers

US | Matthew Boyle
'The indictment is being unsealed today in order to seek the public's assistance in locating the fugitive defendants'

'ATF Needs To F--k These Guys'

Politics | Matthew Boyle
Issa, Grassley demand answers about Fast and Furious whistleblower retaliation, cover-up

Dingell's office: No record of Terry family reaching out to us

Politics | Matthew Boyle
Terry family says their congressman abandoned them by not returning their phone call

Democrats just can't seem to remember Brian Terry's name

Politics | Vince Coglianese
'... seek justice for the family of Border Patrol Agent Brian Tal, Teh, Terry'

Brian Terry's family: Our congressman abandoned us!

Politics | Matthew Boyle
Rep. John Dingell not supporting contempt of Congress proceedings against Holder

Rep: We want to suppress gunwalking, not votes

Politics | Matthew Boyle

Border Patrol union demands Holder's resignation

Politics | Matthew Boyle
The union deliberated for over a year

Obama signs Brian A. Terry Memorial Act into law

Politics | Matthew Boyle
White House buries news in massive press release for bill honoring Border Patrol agent killed with Operation Fast and Furious weapons

Obama, Holder silent as Brian Terry memorial act unanimously passes Congress

Gun Laws & Legislation | Matthew Boyle
White House unclear if it will sign the bill, or conduct a public signing ceremony

Slain border agent's mother to Holder: You're a 'coward'

Politics | Matthew Boyle
'How come you can never say my son’s name?' asks mother of Brian Terry

Justice Dept. won't say if Holder knew 'Fast and Furious' gun killed border guard

Politics | Matthew Boyle
Document shows Holder's deputy chief of staff knew that the weapon that killed Brian Terry traced back to Fast and Furious

Holder to testify on Fast and Furious before Issa's committee

Politics | Matthew Boyle
Holder to come before oversight committee on Feb. 2

AZ sheriff: DOJ attack on Arpaio an attempt to distract from Fast and Furious

US | Matthew Boyle
3-year investigation released on anniversary of Border agent's death, hours after fam calls for justice

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