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Report Claims HUGE Shortage Of STEM Workers

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg listens to a question from the audience in San Francisco

‘Largest study of its kind’

Only 5 Percent Of Americans Trust MSNBC

Al Sharpton

Fox on top at 25 percent

Report: EPA's Claimed Benefits Of Climate Rule Overblown By 15-Fold

Gina McCarthy testifies before a Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing on her nomination to be administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

‘One should also count global costs’

PROOF: Media bias against conservative think thanks

Media Biased Against Conservative Think Tanks

New study measures journalists’ biased references

Napolitano calls for DHS 3.0, says cybersecurity is a top priority

Janet Napolitano
In October 2012, Obama signed an executive order that expanded DHS's ties to local law enforcement

Brookings Institution exaggerates Obama’s job record

Obama Economy.JPEG

The misleading data has been cited by Atlantic magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle and The New York Times

Who's who of liberals lead anti-filibuster effort

Far from being bipartisan, the effort to snuff out the filibuster is led by a coalition of liberal activists.

Washington D.C. mayoral race, education reform, and Michelle Rhee - TheDC

In the D.C. mayoral race, the person in the spotlight is not even on the ballot

Lawmakers agree: It's time to reform Fannie and Freddie - TheDC

After a $9 billion loss last quarter, both sides are saying enough is enough and suggesting that it is time to restructure the mortgage giants

With Friends Like These ... - TheDC

State Department’s reasons for leaving out the ‘most barbaric group in the world’ unclear

Orszag and Ryan spar over reducing health care costs - TheDC

Orszag used the enlarged platform bestowed upon him in his last speech as a White House adviser to go after Ryan again, in more detail than ever before

Orszag heckled at Brookings to classical tune - TheDC

Organizer with LPAC called outgoing OMB director and Larry Summers ‘fascist pigs’ and called Obama’s health care plan ‘Hitler approved’

Ryan: GOP listening to pollsters rather than getting serious about debt - TheDC

Wisconsin Republican has sought to start a debate on reigning in government debt with his Roadmap for America’s Future but has had few supporters

Price of oil, price of freedom

It was two years ago, the first week of July, 2008, where a symbolic seminal confluence of energy and national security concerns may have occurred. For that week, the wholesale price of crude oil reached an all-time high of over $141/barrel.

Clinton: 'The rich are not paying their fair share' - Politico

Secretary of State wants to model the United States after Brazil, who ‘has the highest tax-to-GDP rate in the Western Hemisphere’

Kerry-Lieberman’s great American rip-off

Although Kerry-Lieberman is a loser of a bill for the vast majority of America, we will have our hands full fighting its financial and political beneficiaries

Millions face tax increases under Dems budget plan - AP

Lefty group Tax Policy Center, estimates about 30 million Americans face an average $3,700 increase in tax liabilities

America’s constitutionalist revolt

So much is being written in the mainstream media about who the tea partiers are, but very little is being recorded about what these folks are actually saying. The tea partiers want a return to the Founders’ principles of constitutional limits to government.

VAT's a bad idea - The Daily Caller

The White House distanced itself from comments made last week by one of its top economic advisers in support of a new national consumption tax — yet others close to President Obama have similarly spoken in favor of a Value-Added Tax in recent months