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White House Tries To Hide Amnesty Behind Gov't Shutdown

But GOP is spotlighting the economic impact of work-permits for illegals

Obama's budget spikes annual debt payments near $1 trillion


Thelma and Louise had a better budget plan

Cutting the $4 trillion budget

Night falls over U.S. Capitol Dome, as members of Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives deal with budget showdown with Democratic-controlled U.S. Senate, and possible government shutdown in Washington

Spending in all categories has surpassed inflation by more than double.

Tuesday's CBO report is bad news for the economy

U.S. Dollars

The deficit and debt will rise by the end of the decade

$1.1 trillion spending bill passes

2014 Omnibus bill

The bill is 1,582 pages

Congressmen didn't read budget bill slashing veteran pay

Boehner walks to the House floor during the vote on the fiscal deal in the U.S. Capitol in Washington

‘A lot of members didn’t bother reading it’

Not partisan thaw, but Obamacare fallout behind the budget deal

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) speaks to the media following a Senate cloture vote on budget bill on Capitol Hill in Washington

With a shutdown off the table, the focus is right where the GOP wants it: the ACA

Sen. Tom Coburn: America in debt crisis 'not because we didn't agree, but because we did'

‘The American people don’t believe we have a debt ceiling’

How the Ryan-Murray budget deal sets the GOP up for 2014

Senators Johnson, Coburn, Baucus and Manchin walk out of Senate chamber after budget vote on Capitol Hill in Washington

Paul Ryan and John Boehner have the real goal in mind.

Senate Dems choose illegal immigrant welfare over veteran benefits

Immigration Sessions.JPEG

Amendment fails on party-line vote

Boehner, Ryan and the art of selling out for nothin'

Republicans Conservatives.JPEG

Why the budget ‘compromise’ shows contempt for the GOP base

Well done on the budget agreement after all

APTOPIX Budget Battle Boehner.JPEG

Congress worked like it was supposed to — Patty Murray and Paul Ryan carried the center.

Sequester, we hardly knew ye

Paul Ryan .JPEG

‘The new Congressional budget is a mistake at a time when we can’t afford many more mistakes.’

Paul Ryan saves the GOP from itself

Ryan Murray Budget

Ryan-Murray is a political solution, not a fiscal one.

Congress betrays us with budget 'deal'

Budget Battle.JPEG

Budget deal destroys the best practical opportunity to cut spending in a generation

'It's a terrible plan': House conservatives smack Ryan-Murray plan around

Raul Labrador

Conservatives weigh in on the budget deal

Budget negotiators should pick the low-hanging fruit

Sessions, Ryan, Murray and Van Hollen talk to reporters as they emerge from an informal meeting of Congressional budget conferees to set a path for their negotiations on the federal budget, at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

Duplicate programs should be easy targets for cuts.

Obama becomes absentee president

U.S. President Obama pauses while speaking about the continuing government shutdown from White House Briefing Room in Washington

He’s sidelined critical health, budget, immigration, economic and foreign policy decisions while he campaigns

It's time to INFORM federal budgeting

Tim Kaine

Future generations depend on it