US Lawmakers Want Action On Ethnic Cleansing In Burma

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U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson addresses the media at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C. on October 4, 2017. [State Department Photo/ Public Domain]

‘Sanction relief was given for what?’

US Withdraws Military Aid From Self-Cannibalizing Asian Country

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U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson speaks on Relationship with India for the Next Century at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, U.S., October 18, 2017. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

‘Going to be held to account’

The Brutal Details of Myanmar's Killing Of Muslims

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A Rohingya refugee woman sits in her tent in the Kutupalong Refugee Camp in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh October 12, 2017. REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra

‘It is an exaggeration’

The World's Longest-Running Civil War Has No End In Sight

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Rohingya refugees react before the funeral of a family member, whose family says he succumbed to injuries... 29 Sep. 2017 (REUTERS/Cathal McNaughton)

‘What kind of hatred could make a man stab a baby’

WATCH: Muslim Refugees Swim Across River To Escape Death Squad

World | Gabrielle Okun
Rhonigya Muslims fear Burmese Death Squard (Reuters)

‘Living in country illegally’

Where Is All That State Department Aid For Iraqi Christians?

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NINAWA, Iraq -- Displaced people from the minority Yazidi sect, fleeing violence from forces loyal to the Islamic State in Sinjar town, walk toward the Syrian border on the outskirts of Sinjar mountain near the Syrian border town of Elierbeh of Al-Hasakah Governorate in this August 11, 2014 file photo. REUTERS/Rodi Said/Files

‘We urge these government agencies … to immediately assist the … religious minority victims of genocide in Iraq’

Three Men JAILED For Insulting BUDDHA In Myanmar

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Don’t mess with the monks

White House uses 'Myanmar' name as a 'diplomatic courtesy'

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‘We are not changing our policy to officially adopt Myanmar’

On Iran, take a lesson from Burma: verify and never trust

Editorial | David Meyers

The West must refuse to negotiate with Iran until the Iranians take real action to curtail their nuclear program.

Why the US should heed calls for change in Burma

Opinion | Vishal Arora

The US has an opportunity to prove that it really does support democracy.

Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi released - Al Jazeera

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Myanmar’s pro-democracy leader, has been released after seven years of house arrest

Obama: Myanmar elections 'neither free nor fair' - AP

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The first elections in military-ruled Myanmar in 20 years were ‘neither free nor fair,’ President Barack Obama said Sunday

'Cyber attack' kills the internet in Myanmar - MSNBC

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Residents suspect the military-ruled nation’s government was behind the troubles ahead of election

Welcome to the UNGA

Opinion | Robert O'Brien

Yesterday, my son said: “Dad, I saw on the news that the thing is starting when all the dictators come to America and give speeches about how bad we are.” That’s a good description of the UN General Assembly.

North Korea threatening 'physical response' - AP

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Secretary Clinton and North Korea discuss ship sinking, U.S. sanctions

Defector claims Myanmar pursuing nukes - AP

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Former IAEA official Robert Kelley insists the claim is reliable

Administration must sharpen message on Burma

Opinion | Kelley Currie

The U.S. interest lies in supporting the Burmese people in their clearly stated aspirations for a more just, democratic government. The policy question remains: how to best support those aspirations?

Troop buildup on Myanmar's border - WALL STREET JOURNAL

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Government anticipates possible conflicts with region’s minority groups

The Age of Obama: Anno Domini 2

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In the real world, as opposed to what French President Nicolas Sarkozy calls President Barack Obama’s "virtual world," America faces the reality of Iran’s intransigence and aggressiveness; China’s headlong pursuit of its own national, regional, and global interests; Russia’s determination to regain its Near Abroad;