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Suspected Killer Of USC Student Has Been In U.S. Illegally For Seven Years

Chinese engineering student beaten to death with baseball bat

California Unions: Medicare For All!

‘Medicare ‘is under attack’

Smart Box Revolutionizes Grilled Cheese Delivery


Say goodbye to soggy sandwiches

Suspect And Hostage Die In Police Shootout With California Bank Robbers

Bank Robbery

After fleeing the scene, three thieves took three women hostage – and it led to this

California Judge Declares Death Penalty Unconstitutional

Supreme Court Rejects California Sentencing Law

California’s ‘dysfunctional administration’ amounts to ‘cruel and unusual torture’

California Water Regulators Approve $500 Fines For Excessive Water Consumption

‘There are communities in danger of running out of water all over the state’

Plan To Divide California Into Six States Will Be Up For Vote In 2016 Election

‘It will help us create a more responsive, more innovative and more local government’

Half Of All Wiretaps Happened In Just Four States Last Year

An illustration picture shows the logo of the U.S. National Security Agency on the display of an iPhone in Berlin

Reports shows increasing number of wiretaps, but also increased resistance

California Truck Drivers Launch Strike

Tractor trailers

What do the Teamsters want?

Legal Loophole: How Someone Can Squat In Your Own Home

A nanny holds a child of Tony Jiang at his house in Shanghai

A California family is living with a nanny that won’t work and refuses to leave their home, even after being fired

Which Major City Is FINALLY Going To Lift An 80-Year Ban On Pinball?

Pinball Machine

Oakland public safety committee to review measure legalizing pinball, banning online gambling sites TODAY

California Public Employees Making Bank On Pensions


‘I don’t know anybody that would think it’s fair to be paid to work and to be retired from the same job’

Women Are Losing Their Minds Over How Good Looking This Criminal Is

Jeremy Meeks

It’s a crime to be this good looking

Could Your Dog Win The World's Ugliest Dog Contest?


Yes, your pooch can win a contest for being ugly

Report: Most US Teacher Training Programs Are Still Awful

Reynolds High School students

Over half of all programs grade out at the lowest level

Surprise! The New Neighbor's A Rapist

Surprise! The New Neighbor's A Rapist

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife

Democratic Fratricide Follows California Teachers Union Ruling

Arne Duncan. Photo: AFP/Getty Images/Saul Loeb

Union head says Arne Duncan ‘added to the polarization’

But is Arne Duncan Going To Do Anything About Tenure Reform?

Arne Duncan. Photo: AFP/Getty Images/Saul Loeb

It is a disparate impact problem, after all.

California Court Delivers Devastating Defeat To Teachers Union

kids in paper fight in classroom/Getty Images

Decision cites Brown v. Board of Education

Is Government Holding Down Craft Beer?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

In some states, yes