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The Border Patrol Victory No One's Talking About

Visitors pose in front of a flag similia
Canadian tourists want to smoke weed in the US and DHS is ON IT

Hockey Player Claude Giroux Arrested After 'Grabbing Buttocks Of Male Officer'

Flyers Penguins Hockey.JPEG

Giroux is the butt of this joke

Obama's Keystone XL Delays Are Damaging U.S.-Canadian Relations

Canadian fans react as they hold Canada flags during the men's quarter-finals ice hockey game between Canada and Latvia at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games

‘I think Keystone has hurt US-Canadian relations quite a bit’

Boy Admonished For Playing This Popular Childhood Game

Students arrive for class at Mahnomen Elementary School in Mahnomen, Minnesota

‘It’s a little ridiculous’

K-9 Grieves Partner's Loss After Moncton Shootings

Photo: Reuters

A fellow mountie leads slain officer’s dog through funeral

Canada Won't List Polar Bears On Its Endangered Species List

Polar bear cub - Hannibal Hanschke/Reuters

‘We’re obviously disappointed’

New Video Released Of Couple Missing In Afghanistan Since 2012


‘We need to get them back home’

Scantily-Clad Teens Being Sent Home In Droves In This Country

YouTube screenshots/Montreal Gazette

‘It was really, really warm out’

The Most Canadian Thing That Ever Happened

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 4.48.26 PM

Baby moose + Tim Hortons

Canadian Prof Fired For Speaking His Mind About Evil University

University of Saskatchewan / Wikimedia Commons

‘I certainly felt stifled and muzzled’

Canadian Grade School Cancels Canadiens Jersey Day Because Kid Might Wear Bruins Shirt

Boston Bruins jersey YouTube screenshot/TheMNhockey1

‘Why ignite things? Why create a controversy’

You'll NEVER Guess Why Donald Popadick Was Arrested

(Photo: Moyan Brenn/Flickr)

The incident(s) occurred at Mooney’s Bay Park

Guy wears a T-shirt on CNN, fired for 'shaming' Canada

(Photo: Flickr/Creative Commons)

‘Even though I let him be on TV, he shamed us Canadians’

Rob Ford video game lets players collect crack and booze for Toronto mayor

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford gestures during an executive committee meeting in Toronto, December 5, 2013. (REUTERS/Aaron Harris)

Creator: ‘The crack has been updated to actual crack’

Today is a good day for Rob Ford

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford yawns during an executive committee meeting in Toronto

Ontario Provincial Police suspend case citing ‘a lack of critical evidence’; Toronto Police not happy about it

Hilarious fake election signs posted in Canada

anti rob ford ad

An anti-Rob Ford website has erected multiple signs for fake mayoral candidates

Canadians wasted over $1 billion just waiting for health care

Canadian fans react as they hold Canada flags during the men's quarter-finals ice hockey game between Canada and Latvia at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games

Inefficient, eh?

Two-year-old girl suspended from preschool over STEALTH CHEESE SANDWICH

cheese sandwich Getty Images

‘Faith must have snuck a cheese sandwich into her pocket’

Brews on ice: Obama and Canadian Prime Minister bet beers on hockey game

Obama gives a thumbs-up as he celebrates St. Patrick's Day with a pint of Guinness during a stop at the Dubliner Irish pub in Washington

The bet is a repeat of the same one made four years ago