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Report: Thomas Piketty 'Cherry Picked' Data In His Book Critiquing Capitalism

Piketty, director of the Paris School of Economics (PSE), attends the inauguration of the school in Paris

It’s full of ‘mistakes and unexplained entries’

Self-described Marxist Dalai Lama says he's 'developed more respect' for capitalism

The Dalai Lama speaks at the American Enterprise Institute during a panel discussion on "Happiness, free enterprise, and human flourishing." (Photo: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Happiness comes from individuals, says the high lama

Limbaugh to pope: What 'unfettered capitalism'?


Conservative talker notes that relative free market capitalism does more for the poor than either forced or voluntary charity

Why Pope Francis is wrong about capitalism

Last week, the pope attacked free-market capitalism and the ‘tyranny of money’ it fosters.

A free-market case for ending Too Big to Fail

The big banks are undermining our market-oriented financial system.

Electric guitars: capitalism built that

The story of how gutsy entrepreneurs revolutionized the music industry.

Jon Stewart's elitism and Mitt Romney's 'magic'

On Tuesday night, Stewart derided Romney’s economic proposals as ‘magic.’

Socialism, communism and the beauty of capitalism

A critique of two video commentaries recently published by the UK’s Guardian newspaper.

The remarkable story of Chile's economic renaissance

By embracing free markets and small government, Chile became rich.

How to explain capitalism to an Occupy Wall Street protester

Yes, it’s possible.

Barack Obama, free market capitalism's white knight

The grand lesson of the first performance art presidency.

Good for Newt, bad for the GOP

Gingrich’s attack on economic liberty makes Romney the GOP’s best hope.

Reappraising --- and praising --- capitalism

Competition and free markets are the best assurances of social cooperation and peaceful coexistence.

Schizophrenia? #OccupyWallStreet and love pro-free market, billionaire CEO

Steve Jobs was a capitalist, through and through.

Steve Jobs: Exemplary entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs like Jobs are the people who power the U.S. economy.

What makes 'Moneyball' unusual

The film does something that few Hollywood films do: It celebrates innovation and entrepreneurship.

How libertarianism helps the poor

People who think that libertarianism only benefits the wealthy are wrong.

Are you a producer or a moocher?

See the new “Atlas Shrugged” movie and choose sides.

Why the new 'Atlas Shrugged' movie could become a cult classic

The world depicted in the movie is eerily similar to our own.