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Brother Of Notorious Pedophile Priest In Chile Urges Him To Publicly Confess And Apologize

World | Joshua Gill
'I want for him to save his soul and apologize'

Bishop: Ireland Now Filled With 'Cultural' Catholics, Most Have Lost Religious 'Conviction'

World | Joshua Gill
'Each new generation is a new continent to be won for Christ'

Australian Church Defies Confessional Reporting Law

World | Joshua Gill
'We can't change the nature of the confessional'

Australia Forces Catholic Priests To Break Seal Of Confession For Child Abusers

World | Joshua Gill
'Driven by a desire to penalize the Catholic Church'

Bishop Of Tucson Calls For Canonical Penalties For Catholics Involved In Separating Families At Border

US | Joshua Gill
'Maybe it's time for us to look at canonical penalties'

Hindu Nationalists Call For Forced Expulsion Of Christians From India, Trample Pope's Image

World | Joshua Gill
'A threat to the democratic principles'

Altar Desecrated By Satanic Vandals Cleansed, Rededicated By UK Bishop

World | Joshua Gill
'Such an attack on our church can never succeed'

St. Paul Archdiocese Makes U.S. Catholic Church's Second Largest Payout To Sex Abuse Victims

US | Joshua Gill
'They have to listen to victims now, and that is huge'

St. Louis Archdiocese Tried To Appoint A Pastor Accused Of Child Sodomy, Parents Revolted

US | Joshua Gill
'There is no reason Fr. Jiang could not or should not be assigned'

Pope Francis Promises 'Never Again' Will Chilean Catholics Suffer Abuse And Cover-Ups

World | Joshua Gill
''Never again' to a culture of abuse, and the system of cover-up'

Pope Francis Was No Help To Catholics In Ireland's Abortion Vote

Video | Anders Hagstrom
Where was he?

It Took The Pope Three Days To Urge Doctors To Protect Unborn Babies After Ireland Abortion Referendum

World | Joshua Gill
'The onslaught of the technocratic-cultural paradigm'

Queer Valedictorian Battles With School After He Was Banned From Speaking At Graduation

Education | Grace Carr
'No consideration'

Ireland's Catholic Leaders Rebuke Parishioners Who Voted For Abortion

World | Joshua Gill
'You should consider coming to confession'

Euthanasia Vote Looms In Catholic-Majority Portugal

World | Joshua Gill
'Life cannot be regarded as an object for personal use'

Irish Archbishops Say Abortion Referendum Shows Church's Weakened Position In Ireland

World | Joshua Gill
'Lost influence here because of the scandals'

A Catholic Priest Will Throw Down On 'American Ninja Warrior" And Display Evangelizing Skills

US | Joshua Gill
'I can further deliver the message of the Gospel'

Catholic Student Punished For Promoting Catholic Marriage At Catholic University

Education | John Wellington

Student Leaves Catholic University After Social Justice Allegedly Overtakes Religion

Education | Rob Shimshock
'Marquette is anything but a Jesuit and Catholic university'

Former Vatican Doctrine Chief Says Homophobia 'Doesn't Exist' And Is Part Of Marxist Totalitarian Scheme

World | Joshua Gill
'You can't make compromises with wolves'

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