Will Churches That Do Not Recognize Same-Sex Marriage Lose Their Tax-Exempt Status?

Opinion | W. James Antle III
Pope Francis kisses a child as he leads a special audience for members of UCIIM, Italian catholic association of teachers, school managers, educators and trainers, in Paul VI's hall at the Vatican

If you like your tax exemption, you can keep your tax exemption

Pope Francis: An Equal Opportunity Marriage Denier

Opinion | John-Henry Westen
Pope Francis to receive a helping hand for the EPA

He says no sex between to men for the same reason he says no to premarital heterosexual sex.

The Pope Is Coming To Town!

Daily Caller News Foundation | Ivan Plis
Pope Francis gestures as he speaks with journalists on his flight back from Manila to Rome

Stops include DC, Philly, New York

BATTLING BISHOPS: Venezuelan Church SLAMS Socialist Government For Country's Woes

Daily Caller News Foundation | Rachel Stoltzfoos
Supporters of Leopoldo Lopez, an ardent opponent of Venezuela's socialist government facing an arrest warrant after President Nicolas Maduro ordered his arrest on charges of homicide and inciting violence, light fires at the streets, on February 18, 2014, in Caracas. Fugitive Venezuelan opposition leader Lopez, blamed by Maduro for violent clashes that left three people dead last week, appeared at an anti-government rally in eastern Caracas and quickly surrendered to the National Guard after delivering a brief speech. (Photo: RAUL ARBOLEDA/AFP/Getty Images)

Call to discard ‘political-economic system of a socialist, Marxist or communist nature’

Catholic Bishops Back Executive Amnesty

US | Tristyn Bloom

‘It would be derelict not to support administrative action’

Pope: All Christians Must Oppose Death Penalty, Life Imprisonment

Video | Tristyn Bloom

Says life in prison is a ‘hidden death penalty’

Confused Students At Catholic College Call Lack Of Free Condoms 'Pattern Of Injustice'

Education | Eric Owens

Off-campus cost of 39 cents per condom ‘permeates every facet of our lives’

Catholic Leader Says CNN Not Practicing What It Preaches

US | Chuck Ross
Pope Francis waves during his Sunday Angelus prayer in Saint Peter's square at the Vatican

The network needs ‘to turn the camera on themselves’

Pope Francis Speaks Out On Child Migration Crisis

Video | Tristyn Bloom

Denounces xenophobia, says children must be ‘welcomed and protected’

Pelosi: Bishops Are Great When They Agree With Me

US | Tristyn Bloom

Illegal migrant children yes, unborn babies, not so much

AP Backtracks On Claims Disparaging Catholic Church

World | Scott Greer
The Emerald Isle is growing more liberal, however its Catholic heritage maintains social conservative norms, Abortion is only permitted in exceptional circumstances and they have one of the highest church attendance rates in Europe. Forbes ranked it as the best country for businesses with 12.5% corporate tax rate, low corporate tax since 1950s and tax relief for transfer of intangible assets to Ireland.

Claim that dead orphans were denied baptism is patently false

Pelosi Thinks She's a Better Catholic Than Her Own Archbishop

Politics | Tristyn Bloom
Pelosi And Local Officials Attend Foot Washing Ritual Honoring Work Of Immigrants

Tells him not to attend anti-gay marriage march

'Piss Christ' back on sale

Entertainment | Rachel Stoltzfoos
(Photo: Getty Images)

‘[H]e urinated in a jar with a crucifix’

Pope Welcomes Martians To Catholic Service

World | Grae Stafford
Pope Francis waves as he leads the Easter mass in Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican

‘Green, with that long nose and big ears’

UN Hauls In The Vatican Before Torture Panel

World | Scott Greer
Pope Francis leads the Palm Sunday mass at Saint Peter's Square in the Vatican

‘I urge the committee to resist the swelling tide of anti-Christian intolerance’

Pope Francis calls the Internet 'a gift from God'

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Pope Francis looks up as he talks during a pastoral visit in downtown Rome

‘The church needs to be concerned for, and present in, the world of communication’

Former altar boy sues Catholic Church over pedophile priest

Daily Caller News Foundation | Greg Campbell
Typhoon Haiyan survivors take part in a nine-day Christmas vigil mass at a damaged church in Palo

‘This is the worst of the worst’

The pope, and the failure to convince

Politics | Christopher Bedford
Pope Francis laughs. Getty Images.

The right must win the argument if they’re going to win at all

Limbaugh to pope: What 'unfettered capitalism'?

Politics | Jeff Poor

Conservative talker notes that relative free market capitalism does more for the poor than either forced or voluntary charity

Catholics furious over Obama plan to close Vatican embassy site

World | Tim Cavanaugh

State Department says move is not a downgrade; opponents call that ‘bogus’