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Despite outrageous school spending, students actually dumber than in 1972

Magic Schoolbus / Youtube screenshot

Inflation-adjusted ed-spending doubled, test scores fell

Obamacare back in court Tuesday

Barack Obama. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.

Courts in Virginia, DC deciding

Dem congressman: NSA surveillance hurts the economy

Justice Secret Law.JPEG

‘If a foreign enemy was doing this much damage to our economy, people would be in the streets with pitchforks’ Social network, Maryland team up to censor students

NSA Facebook (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma, File)

‘I’d much rather have’

Don't work in Hawaii, make $29 an hour

Hawaii Beaches

Hawaiians on welfare earn 167% of the state’s median salary

Feds ride in on the Wild West of currency

Bitcoins Rise

Read what they want to regulate next

Pro-immigration Cato Institute proposes banning immigrants from welfare

Congress Spending .JPEG

A spoonful of sugar to help immigration reform go down

Cato praises 'reform-minded' GOP governors - TheDC

Republicans Rising Stars

‘Some of these governors are schizophrenic on taxes’

Study: High US corporate tax rate hinders growth, drives jobs overseas - TheDCNF

Tax Incentives

‘These results underscore the need for U.S. policymakers to tackle corporate tax reform’

Poll: Gary Johnson at six percent - TheDCNF

Gary Johnson

Despite low name recognition, Libertarian presidential candidate has growing support in polls

Analysis: Real stimulus spending is at least $2.5 trillion since 2008 - TheDCNF

Stimulus Illinois

Cato Institute scholar points out that the Recovery Act was just one part of stimulus spending since Obama took office

Gary Johnson polls at 5.3 percent - TheDCNF

Gary Johnson

Cato Institute VP says Johnson should work to win over more Ron Paul supporters

Georgetown law professor: Timing of health care ruling ideal - TheDC

‘It is within the power of the electorate to reverse Obamacare … and we have an election teed up in order to do that’

Cato scholar: Obamacare ruling was the 'most politically acceptable' - TheDC

‘I think they gave something to both sides’

Study: On spending cuts, most GOP candidates light on details - TheDC

Ron Paul

But, study author says, ‘He is the only candidate to put together an actual budget proposal’

Anti-piracy bill creates fear about 'aggressive' Justice Dept. that 'makes mistakes' - TheDC

Department of Justice

‘They have been already pretty aggressive using the powers that they already have, and they seem extraordinarily averse to admitting mistakes’

Report: US defense spending averaged 50 percent over country's first 70 years - TheDC

US Regiment of Infantry at Chateauguay

Heritage Foundation: Major disconnect between those who’d cut defense spending and Founding Fathers

CBS ignored Ron Paul at debate, now shoves competitor to get a shot - TheDC

Seems like CBS is having a change of heart since Saturday’s debate

Critics: Obama's college aid plan increases tuition costs, hurts students - TheDC


Experts say federally subsidized loans drive up the cost of education