Should food stamp recipients be allowed to use their benefits to purchase junk food?

US | Caroline May

73 health organizations and experts call on USDA to allow states and localities to try limiting unhealthy food stamp purchases

FoodPolitik: Are soft drinks racist?
 - TheDC Opinion

Opinion | Richard Berman

Meeting will assess the ‘impact of sugary drinks in communities of color’

FoodPolitik: Free Speech, digested - TheDC Opinion

Opinion | Richard Berman

NYU nutrition professor Marion Nestle doesn’t think the First Amendment applies to food companies

Public interest groups care about headlines, not people

Opinion | Richard Berman

Public interest groups resort to sensationalism in order to bring in money.

Don't worry, be happy - Chicago Breaking Business

Business | interns

McDonald’s defended its Happy Meals on Wednesday against claims by a consumer advocacy group

Group backs off beef with McDonald's - The Daily Caller

| Caroline May
CPSI's litigation director tells The DC that his group doesn't really want to sue

Toy worry - ABC

US | interns

A food industry watchdog group is threatening to take McDonald’s to court over its practice of including toys with Happy Meals