My Own Number 1 Fan: AFL-CIO Praises Itself With New Study

Daily Caller News Foundation | Connor D. Wolf

A report from the AFL-CIO finds the AFL-CIO was right about trade and immigration

90 Percent Of Migrant Youths In DC United With Parents

US | Neil Munro
Unaccompanied Minors In Texas

Illegal immigrants used coyotes and Obama’s agencies to import their children

40,000 Obama Migrants Evade Immigration Law

Politics | Neil Munro

Obama’s border meltdown continues

Petition Urges Obama To Let Border-Jumper Stay In The White House

Politics | Neil Munro
A U.S. Secret Service agent with an automatic rifle hurries people to evacuate the White House complex over a security alert moments after President Barack Obama and his family left for the presidential retreat, Camp David, in Maryland

Because Obama is letting illegals stay in America

Obama's Migrants Are Goldmine For Tax-Funded Groups

Politics | Neil Munro
Barack Obama and Martin O'Malley

Progressives feel good giving taxpayer aid to migrants

Obama Blames 'Children' For Hostility To His Amnesty Plans

Politics | Neil Munro

Obama should take more credit for his own polling numbers

Justice Dept. Opens New Asylum Gate For Guatemalans

Politics | Neil Munro

Opening borders, yard by yard.

How The GOP Shifting The Amnesty Debate To Jobs And Wages May Win Over Hispanics

Politics | Neil Munro

GOP’s dollars and cents may trump Democrats’ race and culture

Feds Obscure Huge Spike In Central American Migrants

US | Neil Munro

Voters don’t like the breakdown, so officials are trying to hide the problem

Zombie GOP Bill Tried To Sneak Immigration Boost

Politics | Neil Munro

The expansion was hidden in the details

Honduran Community Leader Begs Obama: Don't Give Money To Our Government

Video | Tristyn Bloom

‘Corruption in our country is huge, no limits’

Obama Plans To Put 30,000 Illegal Immigrants Into American Classrooms

US | Neil Munro
Unaccompanied Minors In Texas

Don’t worry. It will add even more diversity to classrooms.

White House Hid Huge Spike Of Families Crossing Border

Politics | Neil Munro

Officials tried to spike public sympathy by touting unaccompanied children, hiding families

White House: Migrants' Right To Privacy Trumps Americans' Right To Know

Politics | Neil Munro

When the polls are bad, hide the data

Obama Tells Judges to Decide Border Meltdown Cases First

Politics | Neil Munro

The new policy doesn’t show if judges will let the illegal immigrants stay

Obama Wimps Out; Won't try to Close Border Loopholes

Politics | Neil Munro

Without a fix, the inflow will continue to rise

Hillary Clinton: Deport The Illegal Children Back To Central America

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘Just because your child gets across the border, it doesn’t mean your child gets to stay’

Waiting for their man: US leadership on Drug War evades Central Americans

Opinion | Patrick Knapp

It’s time for the US to at least stop impeding Latin American countries’ efforts to reform their drug laws.

Why is the UN promoting false data in the fight against malaria?

Opinion | Richard Tren and Donald Roberts

The answer may well lie in those age-old motivators: money and power.