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Uh oh: De Blasio's war on charter schools begins

Liberal Democrat Bill de Blasio hugs his wife and children during his election victory party at the Park Slope Armory in New York

School choice is ‘abhorrent,’ according to de Blasio

Eric Cantor could learn a thing or two from Delaware's charter school success

U.S. House Majority Leader Cantor addresses a news conference in Washington

There’s a lot more that could be done to improve access for military families.

Is President Obama against black kids getting a decent education?

Philadelphia Schools .JPEG

‘Those in power, who have the support of blacks and a mandate to make lives better, continue to fail to deliver.’

Rapper Pitbull brings club-rap, smooth style to national charter school conference

Pitbull. Photo: Getty Images

‘My children are becoming highly motivated thanks to the charter schools they attend’

'Executive chef' at Camden, New Jersey charter school makes $95,000 a year

sloppy joes

Coincidentally, he happens to be the boyfriend of the school’s founder

New Hampshire politician raves about charter schools, votes to kill funding four minutes later

New Hampshire Gile charter schools

She was for charter schools before she was immediately against them

Battle for charter schools goes on the ballot

The Charter Fairy

Voters across the country will decide the fate of ballot measures affecting charter schools and tenure for teachers

The story of how the New York NAACP sued charter schools serving black kids

An exclusive investigative video from Choice Media.

Why charter schools should have bipartisan support

Charter schools serve both conservative and liberal aims.