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Arizona Shows That Educational Freedom Works

op-ed | Carlos Alfaro
The rest of the country should be taking notes

Rapper Pitbull Appears Alongside Betsy DeVos At Charter School In Miami

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
'Every kid deserves a great education'

Growth Of School Choice Perturbs Government Lords

Opinion | Robert Holland
Is federal money worth the loss of your academic freedom?

Parents, Declare Your Education Independence

Opinion | Lennie Jarratt
Parents have allowed state and federal bureaucrats to wield far too much control over their children.

Every Student Succeeds Act To Fund Turkish Islamist's Charter Schools

| Carole Hornsby Haynes
The Gulen educational movement has spread to America and is being funded by the American people.

All States Should Emulate Nevada's Universal School Choice Plan

Opinion | Lance Izumi
Many of the public schools in this country that serve middle-class students are not as good as people think they are.

Teacher Bans PASTOR'S DAUGHTER From Mentioning God In 'All About Me' Assignment

Education | Eric Owens
'A captive audience that would be subject to her religious beliefs'

Addressing Baltimore With Hope

Opinion | Ed J. Pozzuoli
Jeb Bush's charter school reforms are a blueprint for decaying urban areas

President Obama's Budget Shows He's An Enemy Of School Choice

Opinion | Rachel Campos-Duffy
The president and other liberal technocrats fight to keep the education monopoly in place.

How The Likely 2016 GOP Presidential Candidates Stack Up On School Choice

Opinion | Joanne Butler
Scott Walker and John Kasich do well; Rick Perry and Sam Brownback, not so much.

Top New York Education Officials Propose Big Shake-Ups

Education | Blake Neff
Cuomo and teachers on the brink of war

Pennsylvania City May Go All-Charter

Education | Blake Neff
Court ruling paves way for total privatization of York schools

Kasich Vows To Get Tough On Charters

Education | Blake Neff
State has paid over a billion dollars to failed schools

Advocates: Ohio Charters In Need Of Major Reform

Education | Blake Neff
Lawmakers 'haven't been able to rein in low-performing sponsors and schools'

The Facts About School Choice

Opinion | Erik Telford
Charter schools as a whole are improving at a faster rate than traditional public schools.

DC Charters Rated Nation's Best

Education | Blake Neff
Louisiana receives high marks

DC's Students Are Improving, But Not Fast Enough

Opinion | Ashley Bateman
Charter options are thriving, and we should take every opportunity to encourage them.

DC Charter Schools Sue City Over Funding Gap

Education | Blake Neff
'These funding disparities are contrary to D.C. law'

Organization Strongly Disputes Charter School Study

Education | Blake Neff
'Claims that charter schools are more productive than traditional public schools cannot be substantiated'

Study: Charter Schools More Cost-Effective

Education | Blake Neff
Nearly 40 percent more efficient in boosting test scores

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