Activists Prepare To Hijack Chevron Over Climate-Related Shareholder Proposition

Energy | Chris White
The methane resolution is likely to pass

Lawyers Suing Big Oil Must Explain The Benefits Fossil Fuels Have Had on Civilization

Energy | Jason Hopkins
'You’re asking for billions of dollars for something that hasn’t happened yet'

An Oil Company Just Earned A Huge Settlement After Environmentalists Brought False Charges

Energy | Tim Pearce
'This fraudulent enterprise'

Big Oil Is Lobbying To Make It Way Easier To Capture CO2 Emissions

Energy | Jason Hopkins
The move would build on an expanded tax credit

Federal Judge Smacks Down California City's Plan To Block Coal Exports

Energy | Chris White
'Oakland is wrong'

Upcoming Play Reveals The Corruption Behind The Massive Chevron Lawsuit

Energy | Jason Hopkins
''The $18-Billion Prize' reveals the dark side of the environmental movement'

Venezuela Imprisons Chevron Executives In Further Crackdown On Oil Producers

Energy | Chris White
'Oil industry companies would do well to be cautious'

Chevron Makes An Obvious And Devastating Point Against Climate Alarmist Claims

Energy | Chris White
'Plaintiffs are responsible for ratcheting up emission levels'

After A Bad Day In Court, Alarmists Reject The Global Warming 'Consensus'

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'The climate debate has changed'

Federal Judge Dismissed Claim Of A Conspiracy To Suppress Global Warming Science

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'They misled the court'

More California Officials Are Suing Energy Companies Over Global Warming

Energy | Tim Pearce
Will they sue themselves for using electricity?

Imran Awan Turns To Long-Time Clinton Associate For Legal Help

Investigative Group | Mark Tapscott
'Serious, potentially illegal, violations on the House IT network'

Major Exxon Investor Warns Shareholders Not To Give Into Global Warming Hysteria

Energy | Chris White
Shareholders get zeroed out

Gorsuch Appears Deeply Concerned With Growth Of Agency Power

Politics | Kevin Daley
Fears agencies act beyond the scope of law

Be Very Afraid OPEC: US Oil Comes Roaring Back As Prices Rise

Energy | Andrew Follett
America surpassed Russian oil production last year

Bribery, Fraud, And An Alleged Ghost-Written Ruling Lead Court To Dismiss 23-Year-Long, $9.5 Billion Case Against Chevron

Energy | Chris White
'ends do not justify the means'

Norway To Drill For Oil To Fund Its Green Spending

Energy | Andrew Follett
Expanding oil production to finance spending on green projects

Dem Platform Rejects Fossil Fuels, But DNC Gladly Takes Oil Money

Energy | Michael Bastasch
Does this make them hypocrites?

Well-Funded Activists Target Exxon Again, This Time With Old Documents

Energy | Chris White
'Big Oil created the organized apparatus of doubt'

Oil Jobs Are About To Come Flooding Back In A Big Way, Financial Analysts Claim

Energy | Chris White
'It's been brutal'

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