OPINION: These 3 Simple Things Would Improve Foster Care

Opinion | John Prather
'There is one primary excuse people make for not fostering'

This Company Is Promoting Adoption With Parental-Leave Policy

Health | Audrey Conklin
'No family is alike'

Federal Gov't Dumping $1 Million To Study Transgender Children

US | Andrew Kerr
'utterly ridiculous'

The Environmental Left Wants To Eliminate More Than Your Carbon Footprint

op-ed | Donald Kendal
Be fruitful and multiply—while you still can.

The Virtue-Signaling Of 'Don't-Have-Kids' Environmentalists Is LUDICROUS

op-ed | Gary Bauer
America could use more babies, not fewer

Why Your Kids Might Be Able To See Better If They Play Outdoors More Often

Health | The Conversation
Kids need to go outside

You Need To Know This If You've Got A Kid

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
High chairs, car seats and strollers are on sale

Hillary's 'Little Feminist' Presents A Nightmare Ideal For Children

Opinion | Scott Greer
Clinton's pandering to the Left hit a new low this week

Mother Charged For Leaving Kids In Underground Cave

US | Jessie Cohen
'Temperatures drop, ceiling is low in some ports, it's not paved, it's pretty rough'

Only An Idiocracy Would Celebrate Preteen Political Activism

Opinion | Scott Greer
This juvenile trend needs to go

EPA Wants Your Kids To Take Showers, Not Baths

US | PG Veer
The children have a mission to save water

Four-Year-Old Girl Boards Bus Alone At 3 AM, Determined To Obtain SLUSHIE

US | Eric Owens
'Thank God for the bus driver'

Celebrate School Choice Week Because All Children Are Different

Opinion | Andrew Campanella
The dangers of the "knowledge gap"

Obama's Migrants Are Goldmine For Tax-Funded Groups

Politics | Neil Munro
Progressives feel good giving taxpayer aid to migrants

KFC Asks Tot To Leave Because Of 'Scary' Facial Scars

US | Hayley Hoefer
Young girl is a dog attack victim

Customer Service: Flight Attendant Forces Child To Urinate In Seat, Threatens To Call Security

US | Katie Frates
'It wasn't about bad customer service at that point, it was about bad human decency.'

Is your child ready for guns?

Guns and Gear | Guns and Gear
What is the right age to get a kid a BB gun?

Cereal boxes are designed to brainwash your children

US | Sarah Hofmann
A new study from Cornell shows how much science is behind the eyes of Cap'n Crunch

8-year-old raises $27,000 for fellow students

US | Rachel Stoltzfoos
'He is a little hero, seriously!'

Cheese grows on trees, according to a third of British 11-year-olds

Education | Grae Stafford

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