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ICE officer slams Obama for illegal immigrants attending State of the Union

Chris Crane

‘ICE officers are forced every day to release violent offenders back into the streets’

Feds help smuggle young illegals to parents in US 'every day,' agent says

People are taken into custody by the U.S. Border Patrol near Falfurrias, Texas

‘Our officers are babysitters’

House Republicans INSIST they're keeping an eye on Obama's DHS

Immigration Customs Enforcement ICE

‘Without effective immigration enforcement, our immigration system will remain broken’

ICE union to Congress: Investigate DHS before moving on immigration reform

Immigration rally

‘[W]e are urging all lawmakers to demand an investigation of DHS before moving immigration bills’

ICE agent union head: Obama in 'no position to demand Congress pass immigration reform'

U.S. President Obama speaks from the White House Briefing Room in Washington

Union calls for investigation into ‘corruption’ at the Department of Homeland Security

ICE Union head calls on Congress to investigate administration's ICE policies

Chris Crane

‘There is no more of a clear cut case in our country of the president over stepping his authority’

ICE union president: Rubio 'directly misled law enforcement'

Marco Rubio

National ICE Council President Chris Crane calls on senators to vote ‘no’ on Corker-Hoeven

Chris Crane on the price of opposing Obama immigration policies

Chris Crane on the price of opposing Obama immigration policies [VIDEO]

ICE union head Chris Crane ejected from Gang of 8 press event

ICE agents in New York City. Spencer Platt/Getty Images.

Immigration officers’ leader removed after trying to question Schumer about 844-page bill

ICE agents union to 'Gang of Eight': Listen up!

Immigration Customs Enforcement ICE

Union chief says Congress should hear agents’ concerns