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Senators Introduce Bill To Combat Campus Rape

Senator McCaskill reads General Motors internal document at the Senate Commerce and Transportation Consumer Protection, Product Safety and Insurance subcommittee, which she chairs, in Washington

‘Sexual assault is not some mere code of conduct violation’

GOP Senator: FBI Retaliates Against Women Reporting Gender Discrimination

‘These women alleged that they suffered gender discrimination and that they were retaliated against’

Lois Lerner Targeted Chuck Grassley After He Blocked Obama's DOJ Tax Nominee

Senator Chuck Grassley talks to reporters on his opposition to current immigration reform legislation on Capitol Hill in Washington

IRS officials were furious

IRS's Lois Lerner Tried To Audit GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley Over Email Mix-up

U.S. Director of Exempt Organizations for the IRS Lerner waits to testify at House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing in Washington

Audit recommended over free invitation to event

Senate Report: White House Politics Set Off Debacle

Obama admin ‘prioritized political success over protecting taxpayer dollars’

Braley Agonistes: Republican Senate Candidate Mark Jacobs Is Putting Iowa In Play

Shutdown Politics.JPEG

Joni Ernst is entertaining, but she can’t win.

Iowa's Joni Ernst: The Next Rubio?

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 11.58.58 AM

The obscure state legislator with a hot pig-castrating ad rockets to the top of the polls.

Top GOP senators call out Obama on secret immigration changes

McConnell answers questions from reporters after the weekly Republican caucus luncheon at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

‘Our entire constitutional system is threatened when the Executive Branch suspends the law at its whim’

Cruz wades into ugly Iowa Senate fight

Sen Ted Cruz attends Conservative Political Action Conference in suburban Washington DC

‘If any Republican had to choose between a trial lawyer and a farmer, they’d pick the farmer’

White House hides whistle-blower protections

Barack Obama

Officials are ignoring an anti-gag rule intended to aid transparency

Iowa Dem smugly calls Republican opponent 'a farmer from Iowa'

U.S. Congressman Braley introduces Democratic presidential candidate Senator Clinton in Davenport

‘Or, you might have a farmer from Iowa…’

Will Sen. Chuck Grassley succeed in defunding Common Core in 2015?

Chuck Grassley public domain

He notes the strangely anti-democratic nature of Common Core’s supporters

Christine O'Donnell's IRS case reveals more than just a 'smidgen of corruption'

Christine O'Donnell

Did the tax-collection agency’s audit change the outcome of the 2010 Delaware Senate race?

GOP senators press Obama's DHS nominee to end 'lawless' immigration policies

Johnson Homeland Security.JPEG

Jeh Johnson under fire for Obama admin’s immigration decisions

Report: DC Obamacare exchange enrolls 5

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks about Affordable Health Care to volunteers at the Temple Emanu-El in Dallas

‘With numbers like these, it’s no wonder the Obama Administration hasn’t wanted to release how many people have signed up for ObamaCare’

Democrats move to confirm DHS nominee despite GOP boycott

DHS Official Investigated

Hearing is ‘virtually without precedent in the history of this or any other Senate committee’

Senators urge House to take up immigration reform

Gang of Eight

‘Take up immigration on your own timetable and the way you would like to see it happen’

Grassley: Rubio's work on immigration does not destroy his 2016 prospects

Marco Rubio

‘It may influence some people right now, but right now is not 2016′

Rubio: Border security complaints 'not true'

Marco Rubio

‘This proposal mandates the most ambitious border and interior security measures in our nation’s history’