Chuck Schumer, Major Proponent Of War On Drugs, Cosponsors Senate Medical Marijuana Bill

Daily Caller News Foundation | Jonah Bennett
Chuck Schumer

‘The decades-long Congressional consensus on maintaining the war on drugs is quickly crumbling’

Has The Club For Growth Gone Protectionist?

Opinion | Mytheos Holt

Someone might get the idea that their pro-trade convictions are negotiable

Meet The New Meat: USDA Declares Greek Yogurt A Meat Substitute

US | Derek Hunter
Pumpkin Spice Chobani Greek Yogurt Mike Mozart

Joins peanut butter, tofu and beans as ‘meat alternatives’

Senators Weigh In On Attempted Terrorist Attack In Texas

US | Kerry Picket
U.S. Senators Schumer and McCain speak to the media after meeting with U.S. President Obama about immigration reform in Washington

‘At the end of the day this is a free-speech country.’

Is Indiana's RFRA Really A License To Discriminate?

Opinion | Robert Levy
Pence talks with reporters as he departs a meeting about debt ceiling legislation with fellow Republicans at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

No statewide Indiana law expressly legalized refusal to serve gays.

Harry Reid Names His Successor

Politics | Kerry Picket
Schumer, Reid, Murray and Durbin stand with a clock counting down to a government shutdown at a news conference at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

But will liberals agree?

Chuck Schumer Vs. The FAA Over Drone Rules

Business | Nick Givas
Democratic Senators Speak On President's Executive Order On Immigration

‘Could significantly hinder’ commercial use of drones

GOP Senate Leaders Squirm On Amnesty Battle

Politics | Neil Munro
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) speaks with members of the Republican Senate leadership for the 114th Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington

Senate GOP leaders are caught between voters, donors and Obama

Schumer: House GOP 'Holding A Gun To The Head Of America' With DHS Funding

Politics | Al Weaver

‘They’re playing hostage’

Schumer Dodges Question On Whether Obama Should Meet With Bibi

Politics | Kerry Picket

‘I’ve had my discussions with the prime minister’

Let's Make A Deal With The Middle Class

Opinion | Daniel Oliver
Biden Economy.JPEG

End the war on poverty.

Schumer: Dems Showing 'Amazing Unity,' Warren 'Constructive' Unlike Ted Cruz

Politics | Al Weaver

‘I think comparing the two wings of the party is like night and day’

GOP Leaders Want Obama Amnesty, Not Cruz Vote

Politics | Neil Munro

GOP voters oppose amnesty, but donors want it

Harry Reid: Glitches Were The Only Thing Holding Democrats Back In 2014

Politics | Sarah Hurtubise

‘We never recovered from the Obamacare rollout’

Is Critical of Obamacare For The Same Reason He Loves Amnesty

Opinion | Ryan Girdusky
Sen. Chuck Schumer leaves after a vote on Capitol Hill in Washington

If the goal is to grow the middle class, why push immigration reform?

What's Eating Chuck Schumer?

Opinion | Stephen Kruiser
Schumer holds a news conference in New York

Two members of Democratic leadership have essentially said they sold out the middle class

WHOA! Top Democrat Now Regrets Passing Obamacare

Politics | Sarah Hurtubise

‘Democrats blew the opportunity the American people gave them’

Senate Democrats Tell Obama To Sign Executive Amnesty

Politics | Patrick Howley

‘Some Republicans are claiming that you do not have the authority to act…”

Obama's Amnesty Advocates Are Pretty Forthright About Their Plan To Ignore The Law

Opinion | Ian Smith
Anti-immigration protester holds a flag and waves to motorists on a highway overpass on Murrieta Hot Springs Blvd in Murrieta

The presentation was supposed to show how the president could act unilaterally. It did the opposite.

Chuck Schumer: If Dems Win Senate, We'll Vote For Harry Reid

Politics | Alex Griswold

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