CNN's Carol Costello Offers Apology For Bristol Palin Assault Remarks

US | Al Weaver

‘I have been roundly criticized…In retrospect, I deserve such criticism and would like to apologize’

Elizabeth Warren Says She's Been The Victim Of Sexism In The Senate, Won't Say How

Politics | Derek Hunter

Offers as much proof as she did her Native American heritage

CNN Anchor Mocks Bristol Palin's Account Of Assault: 'The Best Audio We've Ever Come Across'

US | Al Weaver

Downright giddy CNN anchor loves every minute of it

CNN Finally Pulls The Plug On 'Crossfire'

Entertainment | Alex Griswold


CNN Asks If Obama Is 'One Of The Best Presidents'

Politics | Alex Griswold

Move over, Lincoln and Washington.

CNN Celebrates Mike Rowe's Premiere Ratings, Still Behind Fox

US | Al Weaver

Fox remains king of the ratings game

Surprise Poll Has Republican Pat Roberts Leading Kansas Senate Race

Politics | Chuck Ross

A big reversal from previous polls

Gov. Jindal: CNN Should Hire A Conservative Voice For 'Sheer Survival'

US | Al Weaver

CNN’s really not doing too well these days

CNN To Wave Goodbye To 300 Staffers Amid Turner Cuts

US | Al Weaver

Any good news in the pipeline? Apparently not for CNN

CNN's Toobin: 'Outrageous' Supreme Court Won't Hear Same-Sex Marriage Appeals

Politics | Al Weaver

‘Frankly, I think this was a real abdication of duty on the part of the Supreme Court’

Piers Morgan, Unfortunately, Has A New Job

US | Al Weaver

Look out America, the nation’s most reviled Brit is remaining stateside

Former Secret Service Director: WaPo Wrong About Threats Against Obama

US | Al Weaver

‘that information is simply inaccurate’

CNN's Stelter Launches Full-Throated Defense Of Alleged Serial-Plagiarist Fareed Zakaria

US | Al Weaver

CNN host coming to aid of CNN host. How adorable.

Jay Carney: 'It's Not Going To Be A Good Year For Democrats'

Politics | Al Weaver

2014 not a good year for Democrats, says former White House Spox

After Hannity Beat-Down, Radical Islamic Cleric Took His Fundamentalist Ideas To CNN

Video | Brendan Bordelon

‘That’s a crazy thing to say!’

Chat Service Confirms Brown Gun Shot Recording Time Stamp

US | Chuck Ross

Unconfirmed audio first reported by CNN on Monday

CNN Guests Think Brown Shooting Audio Is A Hoax

US | Chuck Ross
'My first inclination is someone is trying to punk CNN'

CNN: New Report On VA 'Damning,' 'Scathing Rebuke'

US | Brendan Bordelon

’40 veterans on electric wait lists have died’