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Twice As Many Americans Say Obamacare's Hurting Them As Say It's Helping

Obamacare opposition high as ever

CNN Vs. RT Shouting Match: 'You're Supposed To Be A Journalist!'

‘Why are you afraid to hear what I’m saying?”

Jon Stewart Wants America To Help Him Buy CNN

‘CNN… has been terrible for many, many years. Does it have to be that way?’

Fox Dominates Ratings During Thursday's Breaking News Bonanza

MSNBC’s ratings actually LOWER than same date in 2013

CNN Pulls Reporter From Gaza Coverage After Calling Israelis Cheering Airstrikes 'Scum'

She ‘deeply regrets the language used’

Discussion Of Race, Slavery And Immigration Gets HEATED On CNN

‘Don’t equate slavery to illegals deliberately breaking laws to come here’

Obama Spokesman Ignores Critics, Says Admin Is 'Absolutely' The Most Transparent Ever

‘I think the president’s record stands up to any of the records of his predecessors’

TX Dem: Obama Admin Releasing 500 Mothers With Children Per Day At Bus Stations

‘There is an incentive… that you’re going to be let go’

CNN's Don Lemon Believes America's Drug Problem Is Rooted In The Suburbs

‘A lot of kids who bought their pot were buying it from white kids in the suburbs’

CNN's Costello Really Wants To Be Told Obama Won A Supreme Court Case He Totally Lost

‘Well, he lost in this particular case. But overall, right?’

CNN Anchors Ridicule Hillary's 'Not Truly Well Off' Comment: 'That's Hilarious!'

‘Well, I don’t know what to do with my millions. It’s very tough’

CNN's John Berman Loves Ticking Off Europeans By Calling It 'Soccer'

‘Soccer, soccer, soccer, soccer, soccer, soccer, soccer, soccer, soccer, soccer, soccer!’

AD OR INTERVIEW? CNN To Hold Hillary Town Hall Called 'Hard Choices' -- Just Like Clinton's Book

Hillary Clinton Hard Choices

Media expert: ‘Copying the exact title raises questions about their objectivity’

CNN Mocks Lois Lerner's Vanished IRS Emails: 'Do You Believe In The Easter Bunny?'

‘Do you believe that Lois Lerner’s emails just suddenly went poof?’

CNN Slashes School Shooting Stats Claim By 80 Percent


‘Everytown’s list included personal arguments, accidents and alleged gang activities and drug deals’

Only 5 Percent Of Americans Trust MSNBC

Al Sharpton

Fox on top at 25 percent

CNN's Cuomo: Hillary's Had 'A Free Ride So Far From The Media'

‘We’re the biggest ones promoting her campaign, so it better happen’

Check Out The Guy Who CNN Just Promoted To Political Director

New political director fired from Yahoo News in 2012 for remark

CNN Believes Network Drama Predicted The Future

Life imitates art?