College Football Player Defends Mother From Step-Father, Arrested For Domestic Assault

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College Football Laremy Tunsil Player Defends Mother From Step-Father, Arrested For Dom. Assault (Getty Images)

Ole Miss’ Laremy Tunsil is a projected 2016 first-rounder

FSU Quarterback Doesn't Use His Head, Punches Chick Right In The Face

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FSU QB De'Andre Johnson suspended for punching woman in the face (Twitter: De'Andre Johnson)

Facing an indefinite suspension

Penn State Football Coach Surprises Hardest Working Walk-On With Full Scholarship

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‘I’m not giving him S**t! He’s EARNED this!’

UCLA Student Will Do ANYTHING To Get Elected To Student Council...

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… including getting BULL-DOZED by the Pac-12 defensive freshman of the year. LOL

University Cancelled Its Football Team To 'Save Money,' This Study Says BULLS**T

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University of Alabama at Birmingham football

Someone’s got some ‘splainin’ to do

College Football Coaches Play 'Dizzy Punt'

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Dakota State Dizzy Punt

I would so play for these guys

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Heisman Hopeful Brutally Assaulted At Concert

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National Signing Day: SEC Maintains Hold On Top Recruits

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‘It’s good to be the king.’

OH S**T! Florida Tailback Gets The Runs In Birmingham Bowl

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Adam Lane Jr. (screenshot: ESPN)

He left it all on the field

Unluckiest College Football Player MASSACRED By Violent Hit

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That’s how you lay a block