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The investigation into the rape claims against Jameis Winston was pretty much a sham

Florida Seminoles quarterback Jameis Winston holds the championship trophy after they defeated the Auburn Tigers to win the BCS Championship football game in Pasadena

‘They just missed all the basic fundamental stuff that you are supposed to do’

AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb to have reality show about their wedding

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Alabama

Of course this is way ore important than McCarron preparing for the NFL draft

Landmark court ruling: NCAA football players win the right to unionize

northwestern football twitter picture

‘This is a huge win for all college athletes!’

University of North Carolina vows: no more fake classes for jocks

North Carolina football Getty Images

‘Horrible things happened that I’m ashamed of’

Watch this Michigan State football recruit BODY SLAM a security guard

A four-star quarterback but a five-star professional wrestling prodigy!

What if football commentators were British?

A hilarious new take on American football

Alabama mom attacks Oklahoma student

‘Crazy Bama lady tries to Superman punch me’

Watch Michigan State riot because they're going to the Rose Bowl

Nothing conveys happiness about your team winning like setting fires

FSU ball boy highlight reel is all you'll ever need to get pumped up

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 12.44.12 PM

Just stone cold determination and athleticism

WATCH this UCF running back destroy a Rutgers defender

That’s a solid hit if there ever was one

Arizona student journalist bullies Washington State, gets bullied back, whines

Photo: Getty Images/George Frey, Twitter/Meg Coghlan

Wazzu won football game at issue despite ‘alleged sad lack of identity’

How much do college football coaches make?

Georgia St Alabama Football.JPEG

The top earner is from the SEC, naturally

Tape of Nebraska coach cussing out fans and media surfaces

‘It took everything in my power to not say, ‘F*ck you, fans. F*ck all of you”

Johnny Football might be 'undraftable,' according to sports journalist

Johnny Manziel Texas A&M

Because he’s never been wrong before

Michigan coach calls out Notre Dame for 'chickening out' of rivalry

Michigan vs ND

#1 vs #3 in all-time wins goes out the window

Brutus the Buckeye gets crushed in spring practice

Might want to stick with Braxton Miller

Kentucky sends football recruit 115 handwritten letters

Florida Kentucky Football

Drew Barker either feels wanted or creeped out

Father allegedly abused son after rooting for OK-State over Oklahoma

Oklahoma St Oklahoma Football

Don’t tell Gannon Mendez it’s just a game

Ole Miss recruiter sends hundreds of Facebook messages to prospect, prospect's girlfriend

Signing Day-Mississippi

‘I told you since day one it was all about relationships’

A guide to the Manti Te'o hoax in 11 crazy steps [SLIDESHOW]

Here’s what we know