BOLD: Ohio State Already Penciled In The National Championship To Next Year's Schedule

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National Champion Ohio State Buckeyes (photo: Reuters Pictures)

‘Watch out. We got a badass over here’

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Heisman Hopeful Brutally Assaulted At Concert

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National Signing Day: SEC Maintains Hold On Top Recruits

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‘It’s good to be the king.’

How Much Is Your Favorite College Football Team Worth?

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National Championship Trophy presentation, photo: Reuters Pictures

Straight cash, homie

OH S**T! Florida Tailback Gets The Runs In Birmingham Bowl

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Adam Lane Jr. (screenshot: ESPN)

He left it all on the field

Unluckiest College Football Player MASSACRED By Violent Hit

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That’s how you lay a block

University Of Michigan Hires Jim Harbaugh As Next Head Football Coach

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Jim Harbaugh (photo: Reuters Pictures)

Homecoming for former Wolverine QB

Quack Attack: Oregon Ducks Tout 'Incredible Hulk-esque' Rose Bowl Unis

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Oregon's 'Hulk-esque' Rose Bowl Uniforms (photo: Twitter)

FSU must be green with envy

WATCH This Helmet-less College Football Player Headbutt His Teammates

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Talk about using your head

Former NFL QB's Nephew Arrested After Threatening To Go On Shooting Spree

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Encore Club Buffalo, NY

Gives ‘shotgun offense’ a whole new meaning

College Football Hypocrisy 101

Opinion | John Steigerwald
Pittsburgh v Georgia Tech

It’s not about the kids

'The Jameis Winston Song' Is 100% Accurate And 200% Hilarious

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‘Five Will Survive’

4-Star Recuit Announces Top 3 Teams With 'Elf-Yourself' App

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He’s getting in the holiday spirit

Ohio State Head Coach Urban Meyer's Wife Is On FIRE!

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Urban Meyer

When it came time to blow out Shelley’s candles, things got really, really, REALLY hot

Pregnant Ex-GF Waggles 'Domestic Assault' Finger At Ohio State's Star QB

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‘He choked me on the bed’

Football Players LOSE IT After Learning Bowl Selection [VIDEO]

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‘We goin’ to the ship!’

Under Armour Just Gave Navy The Most American Jerseys In The History Of America

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Navy's "Don't Tread On Me" Jerseys, photo: Twitter

‘Don’t Tread On Me’ uni’s? Thank you, ma’am

HS Football Player Ends Entire Bloodlines In Amazing Highlight Tape

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Fotu Leiato II: Destroyer of Worlds

NCAA Gets Dumber And Dumber, Too

Opinion | John Steigerwald
Photo Credit: Getty Images

You would think that the last place where you would find this kind of stupidity is on a college campus