Political Correctness Is Leading To Comedy's Slow Death

Opinion | Ron Hart

“Jokes” have devolved to be condescending, self-righteous and not funny.

Colbert’s Cringeworthy Nazi Salute Shows Why The Left Isn't Funny Anymore

| Matthew Boose

What the hell happened to liberal comedy?

Sean Spicer's Spiciest: Vol. 2

Entertainment | Mike Raust

5 more times his spicy attitude made us go wild…

Did Amy Schumer Steal Some More Jokes For Her Netflix Special?

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
Only if you know which direction time flows

Chuck Todd Isn't Afraid To Blow The Whistle

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
He's a referee, apparently

Have You Heard About The New Abortion Comedy?

Entertainment | Hannah Bleau

‘We’re just so brainwashed to believe that’s what a happy ending is’

When did MSNBC's 'The Cycle' become a spectacularly unfunny comedy show?

Video | Brendan Bordelon

The performance defies all description, though “desperate” perhaps comes closest to capturing its essence.

SNL cold open spoofs MSNBC's 'Politics Nation' host Al Sharpton

Politics | Jeff Poor

Late night show’s Kenan Thompson depicts the MSNBC host as stumbling his way through his show

No joke: Second City, Columbia College Chicago unveil degree in comedy

Education | Eric Owens

Curriculum will include ‘improvisation, physical clowning and stand-up’

Johnny Carson's politics

Feature:Opinion | Raymond Siller

Carson was a liberal, but unlike many of today’s comedians, he made sure to skewer politicians from both sides of the aisle.

Jeff Foxworthy to stump for Mitt Romney in Deep South - TheDC

Elections | David Martosko
LOS ANGELES - JUNE 8: Comedian Jeff Foxworthy attends game two of the NBA Finals in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Vince Bucci/Getty Images)

Get the laugh track ready: Jeff Foxworthy to stump for Mitt Romney in Deep South

TheDC's Jamie Weinstein named 'Funniest Celebrity in Washington' [VIDEO] - TheDC

Politics | Scoops Delacroix

Daily Caller senior editor vanquishes competition before packed crowd at stand-up comedy night

Bieber to appear on SNL this weekend - The Hollywood Reporter

Entertainment | Laura Donovan

Two days after his surprise ‘Daily Show’ appearance, Justin Bieber will appear on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Stewart invites Beck to 'The Daily Show' - TheDC

Entertainment | interns

After hearing Beck’s comments on ‘The Today Show’ Wed. morning, comedian and ‘The Daily Show’ host, Jon Stewart invited Glenn Beck to be a guest on his Comedy Central show

Griffin dismissed from 'D-List' - TheDC

Entertainment | Laura Donovan

Kathy Griffin is ending her stand-up show “My Life on the D-List” in its sixth season

Future of bananas at stake - TIME

| Laura Donovan

A fungus threatening Cavendish bananas, which represent nearly the entire banana export market, could cause the extinction of bananas

Top 6 'SNL' Holiday sketches [VIDEO] - TheDC

Entertainment | The Daily Caller

If you’re having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit, look no further. Here are six of our favorites, old and new, from ‘SNL’

SNL takes on TSA: 'It's our business to touch yours' [VIDEO] - TheDC

Entertainment | Vince Coglianese

Saturday Night Live spins its humor into the TSA body-scan/pat-down debacle

Fey: Do I owe Palin for some of my success? You betcha! - TheDC

Politics | Laura Donovan

Tina Fey thanks Sarah Palin but trashes right wing women during her Mark Twain Prize ceremony