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Federal Court TAKES DOWN Obamacare: Subsidies In Federal Exchange Are ILLEGAL

U.S. President Obama speaks about the economy, in Austin

Likely next Obamacare case for Supreme Court

Conservatives Sue NSA To Obtain Top EPA Officials' Communications

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy arrives to sign a proposal to cut carbon pollution in Washington
'There have been clear public admissions that the NSA has collected telephone and text message metadata, the very records requesters have sought'

Emails: Another top EPA official used private email account to aid environmentalists

(Photo from

‘These emails are unlawfully left under their sole control’

Regulation blizzard: Government adds 1,516 pages to the Federal Register

Vice President Biden and Speaker of the House Boehner applaud as President Obama finishes his State of the Union speech on Capitol Hill in Washington
That's one every three hours

Government in 2013: Less law, more regulation


Another year of government

Is the shutdown really worse than business as usual?

Budget Battle.JPEG

It’s stopped regulations that don’t just kill jobs — they kill people too.

Who needs all this paper?

Farm Bill

‘You’re looking at anywhere between $300 and $700 billion a year in paperwork costs’

Feds ride in on the Wild West of currency

Bitcoins Rise

Read what they want to regulate next

Why we held the 'Rainbow on the Right' event at CPAC

The mission of CEI is to promote economic freedom. But to do that, we’ll need a much bigger political coalition.

Sen. Vitter: EPA’s release of Lisa Jackson’s alias emails ‘fishy’ - DCNF

David Vitter

Says EPA hiding truth behind redacted names

Report: Another 1,500 pages of regulations added last week - TheDCNF


That equals a new regulation being published every 2 hours and 13 minutes, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

Free-market think tank sues Treasury Dept. for withholding internal carbon tax documents - TheDCNF


Former Rep. Bob Inglis has been pushing a revenue-neutral carbon tax on the right

Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Fred Smith, Competitive Enterprise Institute - TheDC

Fred Smith

Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Fred Smith, Competitive Enterprise Institute

Debit card fees may sneak up on states - TheDC

Minnesota represents one of the first states to show serious opposition to debit card interchange fees in a likely ground up revolution from banks and communities

Industry, policy groups slam EPA regs in letters to Issa - TheDC

‘The burdens of regulation on Americans have increased at an alarming rate’

Choosing the right state insurance commissioner matters

The office of insurance commissioner, while not the most glamorous statewide office, is one of the most important.

Another 'historic' climate breakthrough

Negotiators in Cancun accomplished nothing substantive — besides agreeing to meet again next year.

New Senate bill would ensure quality control in climate data

The bill would force NASA to release its original raw historical temperature data and post it online for everyone to see.

TheDC Morning: House passes bill aimed at denying stupid immigrants citizenship - TheDC

An unvarnished e-mail summary of what’s really happening in political news

The FDA's loco Four Loko loophole - TheDC

The FDA relies on research on Red Bull vodkas to ban Four Loko while leaving Red Bull vodkas untouched