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Conservative leader calls for a new movement to stop the loss of self-government

Conservative leader calls for a new movement to stop the loss of self-government

Julia Louis-Dreyfus wears nothing but the Constitution, and it's glorious

JLD - Rolling Stone

And nothing else

How college administrators murdered free speech


An exclusive interview with the author of ‘Unlearning Liberty’

Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee thinks the Constitution is 400 years old

10th Annual GRAMMYs On The Hill Awards
Democrat is only off 174 years

Olympic goalie forced to remove Constitution from mask

Vetters helmet

‘No writings of any kind to promote the country is allowed’

Judge orders removal of San Diego war memorial cross

Cross Dispute.JPEG

The cross was erected in 1954

Student sues college that trampled the Constitution on Constitution Day


‘As Constitutional cases go, this is not a difficult one’

Student denied constitutional rights speaks out against college

Robert Van Tuinen/Youtube screenshot

‘I have not talked to them’

The Constitution: What difference does it make?

1789 Copy Of US Constitution

…in a country that’s more or less abandoned its precepts.

Secessionists were going to teach Constitution class at Ohio high school

Feds out of Dixie sticker for sale at League of the South website (one-page screenshot, cropped)

In other news, a local activist unfurled Confederate flag after Thursday school board rant

Property rights deserve as much protection as other rights


A recent Supreme Court decision is a step in the right direction.

Parents angry because religion may get mentioned in optional summer Constitution class [VIDEO]

Institute on the Constitution. Photo: WLWT screenshot

‘I googled some of the names,’ said one super-sleuth parent

Pushing the envelope: Mainstream valedictorian defies secular extremism

LHS graduation speech. Photo: YouTube screenshot

In defense of Roy Costner, the high school valedictorian who recited the Lord’s Prayer at his graduation.

Is America free?

1789 Copy Of US Constitution

It’s not nearly as free as most Americans seem to believe.

Outrage of the Week: Middle school curriculum is teaching that Americans don’t have the right to bear arms - National Rifle Association - ILA


“Constitution is a “living document”‘

The sorry state of the State of the Union address

The constitutionally prescribed presidential address has devolved into an uninformative display of political theater.

Obama's payback to labor thwarted by DC court

The DC Circuit Court’s ruling means President Obama will have to work with Congress if he wants to reform our labor laws.