Illegal Immigrant Driving In The Wrong Lane Hits And Kills Teen On Bicycle

US | Amber Athey

Prosecutors: Retired Marine Stole Food, Blankets From Homeless Veterans

US | Patrick Granger
Antonio Colmenares is accused of stealing thousands of meals, blankets and sleeping bags that were donated to help homeless veterans.

Texas Executes Man Who Murdered Daughters While Mom Listened

US | Patrick Granger
5th Circuit Court had had enough

A Significant Number Of Federal Inmates Aren't Even Citizens

US | Alex Pfeiffer
'Disproportionate amount'

NSSF Issues Statement On Chicago Gun Trace Report

Gun Laws & Legislation | Guns and Gear
Chicago has some serious drug cartels who don't follow gun laws

Chicago's Law-And-Order Policies Are Failing Catastrophically

op-ed | John Lott
It can’t be a surprise that crime rates go up when you don’t let police do their job.

Gun-Toting Bank Robber Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine -- DIES

World | Liam Clancy
Another case of INSTANT JUSTICE

INSTANT JUSTICE: Customers Beat Down Would-Be Robber

US | Liam Clancy
Bonus: ugliest mugshot ever

Crime Rates Falling Under Trump Administration

US | Ryan Saavedra

Do Immigrants Really Commit Less Crime?

Opinion | Andrew Syrios
The advocates of mass immigration can find no safe harbor with crime statistics.

Woman Wakes Up To Sandwich-Making Home Intruder

US | Gabrielle Okun
'He decided to make himself a sandwich'

Report: Judge Releases Murder Felon On Bond Who Sold Gun Used To Shoot Cops

US | Kerry Picket

On-Duty Cop Fatalities Up Nearly 20 Percent Since Same Time Last Year

US | Kerry Picket
'People now are more willing to engage the police in combat'

ICE Denied Access To Illegal Immigrant Who Hit Family Of Four When Drunk

US | Mary Lou Lang
'He hit me so hard my earring flew out of my ear, my pierced ears'

Urban Murder Rates Fell For Decades. Obama's Second Term Changed That.

US | Justin Caruso
Murder rate rose 13.1% in American cities in 2016

Florida Man Brags About Cash On Facebook Live, Then A Swat Team Bursts Into His Room

US | Anders Hagstrom
Police burst into the room

ICE Announces 'Largest Gang Surge To Date' Resulting In Over 1300 Arrests

US | Alex Pfeiffer
Nearly 300 will enter deportation proceedings

Illegal Immigrant Sexually Abused Minor Over 9-Year-Period, Police Say

US | Mary Lou Lang
'It's a shame this girl has lived the last nine years of her life under these circumstances'

Florida Man: Yes, I Killed My Girlfriend -- She Choked On My Giant Penis

US | Mike Raust
He might be part of the Large-Members-Only-Club...

The Most Notorious Criminal In The World Just Asked For A Booster Seat

World | Will Atkins

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