Castro Regime "Sh**ting Bricks" Over Trump Appointments

Opinion | Humberto Fontova
Cuban Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel talks to Cuba's President Raul Castro in Havana

No person is more feared and loathed by the Castro regime than this Trump team member.

For Liberals, Castro Represents A Last Roadblock To Forgetting The Evils Of Communism

Opinion | Christopher Machold
A woman carries a portrait of Cuba's late President Fidel Castro in Santa Clara, Cuba, November 30, 2016. REUTERS/Ivan Alvarado

It’s now easier to forget the absolute poverty, warfare and oppression which universally characterized communism.

College Students In The Nation's Capital Prefer Fidel Castro To Trump

Daily Caller News Foundation | Russ Read

‘I feel that he really changed Cuba in so many ways’

Just Say No To Castro's Funeral And His Apologists' Lies

Opinion | Sean Kennedy
An employee of a state-owned candy store looks outside, near a painting depicting Cuba's former President Fidel Castro, following the announcement of Castro's death, in Havana, Cuba, November 27, 2016.  REUTERS/Stringer

Let us shout here in the free world for those elsewhere must only whisper: via la Cuba libre!

Cuba: The Untaught Lesson on the Perils of Socialism

Opinion | Ron Hart
A painting of Cuba's former president Fidel Castro is seen at a factory in Havana, Cuba November 26, 2016. REUTERS/Enrique De La Osa

In Cuba, everything is “free” — it’s just that there is none of it.

Head Of Sierra Club Calls Fidel Castro More Idealistic Than 'WANNABE TRUMP'

Daily Caller News Foundation | Chris White
Then Cuban President Fidel Castro laughs during the year-end session of the Cuban parliament in Havana in this December 23, 2005 file photo. REUTERS/Claudia Daut/File Photo

‘Fought for his country! Still more honor than TRUMP!’

Donald Trump Threatens To Terminate Obama's Cuba Deal

Daily Caller News Foundation | Ted Goodman
Fidel Castro: Reuters/estudios revolucion handout

‘I will terminate deal’

Justin Trudeau's Castro Eulogy Shows How Badly He Wants Obama's Job

Opinion | Katie Frates
Justin Trudeau (Credit: Art Babych /

‘We join the people of Cuba today in mourning the loss of this remarkable leader’

FLASHBACK: When Castro Tricked The New York Times Into Saving His Revolution

Daily Caller News Foundation | Kevin Daley
Then Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro attends manoeuvres during the 19th anniversary of his and his fellow revolutionaries arrival on the yacht Granma, in Havana in this November 1976 file photo. REUTERS/Prensa Latina/File Photo

He couldn’t have done it without them

Black Lives Matter: We Must 'Come To The Defense' Of Castro

Daily Caller News Foundation | Amber Randall
People celebrate after the announcement of the death of Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, in the Little Havana district of Miami, Florida, U.S. November 26, 2016. REUTERS/Javier Galeano

‘The lessons that we take from Fidel’

Report: Cuba Bans Sale Of Alcohol To Deter Celebrations Of Dictator's Death

World | Kerry Picket
A picture of the late Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro is on display outside the Cuban embassy in Chile, in Santiago, November 26, 2016. REUTERS/Carlos Vera
'The leader is not loved, he is feared'

EU Chief Grieves Death Of 'Hero' Fidel Castro

Daily Caller News Foundation | Jacob Bojesson
Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau poses with European Council President Donald Tusk (L) and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker (R) before signing the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) at the European Council in Brussels, Belgium, October 30, 2016. REUTERS/Eric Vidal

‘Changed the course of his country’

Obama Says History Will Judge Castro, But His Victims Already Have

Daily Caller News Foundation | Russ Read
U.S. President Barack Obama (R) and Cuban President Raul Castro shake hands at the start of their meeting at the United Nations General Assembly in New York (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

Cuban dissidents could not be happier

Exiled Sister Of Fidel Castro Has No Plans To Attend Brother's Funeral

World | Kerry Picket
Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro attends the closing ceremony of the sixth Cuban Communist Party (PCC) congress in Havana April 19, 2011.  REUTERS/Desmond Boylan
'I am living at the moment of the loss of a human being who had my blood'

Pope Francis Grieves Over The Death Of Excommunicated Atheist Dictator Fidel Castro

Daily Caller News Foundation | Russ Read
Pope Francis (L) waves as he arrives, accompanied by Cuba's President Raul Castro, at the Havana airport September 19, 2015. REUTERS/Tony Gentile

‘I express to you my sentiments of grief’

FLASHBACK: Fidel Castro Once Hailed Obama For Blaming Climate Change On US

Daily Caller News Foundation | Chris White
Cuba's President Fidel Castro gestures during a tour of Paris in this March 15, 1995 file photo. REUTERS/Charles Platiau/Files

‘(Obama) admitted the developed nations have caused most of the damage and must assume responsibility’

Mother Of Cuban Graffiti Artist Says Son 'Kidnapped' By Cuban Authorities

World | Kerry Picket
Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro (L) holds up the arm of his brother, Cuba's President Raul Castro, during the closing ceremony of the sixth Cuban Communist Party (PCC) congress in Havana in this April 19, 2011 file photo.  REUTERS/Desmond Boylan/File Photo
'Raul, tyrant, go with your brother'

Trudeau Expresses 'Deepest Condolences' Over The Death Of Repressive Dictator Fidel Castro

Daily Caller News Foundation | Russ Read
Then Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro smokes a cigar during interviews with the press during a visit of U.S. Senator Charles McGovern, in Havana in this May 1975 file photo. REUTERS/Prensa Latina/File Photo

The Canadian Prime Minister failed to acknowledge the tyrant’s many victims

Communist China Mourns The Loss Of 'Comrade Castro'

Daily Caller News Foundation | Ryan Pickrell
Cuba's former President Fidel Castro (R) and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang meet in Havana, Cuba, September 25, 2016, in this handout photo provided by Cubadebate. Alex Castro/Courtesy of Cubadebate/Handout via REUTERS

‘A symbol of historic resistance against the U.S.’