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These 11 Countries Are Losing Their Shirts...And So Are Their Women [PHOTOS]

YouTube screenshot/TheCossackmate, AFP/Getty Images/Leo Ramirez, YouTube screenshot/Bodypaint

The Daily Caller weighs in on the world financial crisis

Dem Congressman: 'We've Proved That Communism Works'

‘If you give everybody a good government job, there is no crime’

Congress claims it was misled over secret 'Cuban Twitter' project to stir political unrest

Demonstrator holds a placard as another takes a picture of the national guards during a protest near Cuba's embassy in Caracas

‘We were notified in the most oblique way, that nobody could understand it’

Alan Gross, imprisoned by Cuba, left behind by Obama

Cuba Imprisoned American

Obama should demand the release of a man whose only crime was helping oppressed people communicate

Friend of accused bomb plotters at 'nation’s most influential foreign-policy think tank'


Council on Foreign Relations’ Julia Sweig groks Fidel Castro, hangs out with New York bomb plotters

The legend of Bagger Castro

PGA Championship Golf.JPEG

The PGA calls a penalty on itself

One of these embargoes is not like the others

Cuba Terror List.JPEG

It’s long past time to end the Cuban trade restrictions.

Castro spoils Yanquis' TV party

Fidel Castro

‘It’s just too easy for members of Congress to vote for it’

Intrigue on the high seas

The North Korean ship, Chong Chon Gang, stopped on the Panama canal as it sailed from Cuba. Smuggled weapons materials were found after a search to which the crew reacted violently. Photo Credit- BBC

“Sophisticated missile equipment” discovered hidden in a North Korean ship on the Panama Canal, despite the crew’s violent resistance.

Ted Cruz's dad: Obama is 'just like' Castro

Speaking at a FreedomWorks event, Sen. Ted Cruz’s dad described Obama as ‘just like a dictator like Fidel Castro’

Fidel Castro may be America's most famous illegal immigrant

Cuba Fidel Castro.JPEG

In his pre-revolution days, Cuba’s future jefe secretly crossed the Rio Grande on a fundraising trip

Obama has 'better things to do' than plan vacations for Beyonce and Jay-Z

Beyonce and Jay-Z in Havana, Cuba

President denies he helped friends visit restricted communist state

Rubio attacks Jay-Z for his Cuba trip

‘I think Jay-Z needs to get informed. One of his heroes is Che Guevara. Che Guevara was a racist’

First friend Jay-Z: Obama said, 'Chill you're going to get me impeached' [AUDIO]

Jay-Z and Beyonce

Rapper defends trip to Cuba with a song

Hugo Chavez returns to Venezuela after Cuba cancer care

Cuba Chavez Health

Chavez thanks Raul, Fidel Castro

Jesse Ventura, Castro's man of courage - TheDC

Jesse Ventura Signs Copies Of His Book

Top American conspiracy theorist: ‘Castro never lied to me. My government has’

A letter to Cuba's American prisoner

Alan Gross, a US government contractor from Maryland, has been in a Cuban jail cell since 2009.

Cuba, Russia and China shut down UN human rights discussion about Venezuela

At the UN Human Rights Council, criticizing human rights abusers is frowned upon.

Romney calls on Obama to reject Castro endorsement - TheDC

Castro Endorses

Mariela Castro: Obama is ‘sincere and speaks from the heart’