customs and border protection

CBP: Senior Officers Have Discretion To Let Migrant Kids Under 5 Stay With Parents

Politics | Will Racke
'Change the ridiculous and obsolete laws on immigration'

The Trump Administration Is Separating Families At The Border -- And It's Not Because Democrats Passed A Bad Law

Politics | Will Racke
More prosecutions, more separations

Prosecutions Of Illegal Border Jumpers Surged In April After Sessions Issued 'Zero Tolerance' Order

Politics | Will Racke
'Prosecution numbers could well continue to build'

Largest Drug Bust In Nebraska's History Nets Enough Fentanyl To Kill 26 Million

US | Steve Birr
'You are saving lives'

Nearly 100 Illegal Immigrants Found Packed In Trailer During Traffic Stop

US | Henry Rodgers
92 illegal immigrants found in Texas

Last Of Asylum Seekers Enter US As Caravan Finally Disbands

Politics | Will Racke
More than 200 crossed the border

NO FLUKE: Illegal Immigration Back To Obama Levels After 200 Percent Year-Over-Year Surge

Politics | Will Racke
Gains erased

Mexican Asylum Seekers Complain About 'Caravan' Migrants Getting All The Attention

World | Will Racke
'Tell them to give the donations to us'

IT BEGINS: Border Officials Let Some Migrant Caravan Members Into US

Politics | Will Racke
'Every last one'

That Huge Caravan Of Wannabe Illegal Aliens From Honduras Has Hit The US Border

World | Will Racke
More expected soon

Illegal Immigration Surges In March, Now Higher Than Last Two Years Of Obama Administration

US | Will Racke
Three times more arrests than March 2017

Border Officers Bust Smuggler With Nearly Four Million Dollars Worth Of Meth In Car's Gas Tank

US | Henry Rodgers
164.5 pounds of liquid meth

Texas Rancher Was Walking His Property. What He Found Made Him Livid

US | Eric Lieberman
'Operation Drawbridge'

ACLU: Boston Police Spied On Protesters Using #MuslimLivesMatter Hashtag On Twitter, Facebook

Tech | Eric Lieberman
'Smoke,' 'backpack,' 'ISIS'

Border Agents Say They Found An Unexpected Surprise In A Fat Condom A Woman Tried To Smuggle Across The Border

US | Steve Birr
'Rapidly evolving threat'

Border Wall Prototypes Are So Effective US Commandos Can't Climb Them

US | Liam Clancy
Human smugglers stand no chance

Illegal Immigration By 'Family Units' and Children Surges As DACA Negotiations Heat Up

Politics | Will Racke
'Incentive for illegal immigrants'

The Number Of Electronic Devices Searched At The Border Surged In 2017

US | Eric Lieberman
'Essential to enforcing the law at the U.S. border'

Illegal Immigration Across Southwest Border Creeps Back Up To Obama Levels

US | Will Racke
Progress stalled

Unaccompanied Minors and Families Remain A Huge Problem For Immigration Authorities

Daily Caller News Foundation | Will Racke
Exploitation of 'legal and policy' loopholes

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