Tobacco Control 'Experts' Fight AGAINST A Smoke-Free World

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Tobacco control has a financial interest in the tobacco industry (Photo via Amazon)

They do not want money going anywhere other than to organizations like theirs via various governments

Less Than Two Weeks Left To Save 20 Percent Off All Products, Plus Free Shipping

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Vape parts (Photo via Amazon)

Vape mods, tanks and accessories are included in this discount offer

How To Pull Off Something Called An 'Invisible Jellyfish'

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Invisible jellyfish (YouTube screenshot/Vape Central)

When you blow vapor from your second draw, it creates vapor production resembling a jellyfish

Looming September 30 Deadline Could Turn Vape Shops Into Criminals

Daily Vaper | Carl V. Phillips
Photo via Shutterstock

Notify your favorite vape shop. They may still have a chance.

Cannoli Be Nuts E-Juice By Cassadaga ELiquids Review

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Pistachio cannoli (Photo via Shutterstock)

‘The stuff dreams are made of’

How Do I Lasso?

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YouTube screenshot/Official VGOD

This vape trick will make you feel like a cowboy

My Experience with The IPV Vesta Mod And Merlin Mini RTA

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IPV Vesta and Merlin Mini RTA (Kevin Krilla)

Using this setup is a joy to vape everyday

Just One Week Left for A Combined 10 Percent Off AND Free Priority Shipping On ALL Vapes

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One-stop-shop for all your vaping needs (Photo via Shutterstock)

One-stop-shop for all of your vaping needs

Connecticut Vapers Dodged A Bullet, But Will Have To Keep Fighting

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Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford, Connecticut, USA during autumn. (Sean Pavone, Shutterstock)

The attempt to shut down 80 small businesses is not over yet

What Is A 'Bow Tie Split'?

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A bow-tied vaper (Photo via Shutterstock)

And how do you do it?

Daily Vaper: Cannoli Be One E Juice By Cassadaga E-Liquids Review

Daily Vaper | Kevin Krilla
YouTube screenshot/412JFury

It literally smells and tastes like a cannoli dessert

Daily Vaper: SnowWolf Vfeng 230W Starter Kit Review

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YouTube screenshot/Jai Haze

If you like the style of this mod, it just may be for you.

How Do You Jellyfish?

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YouTube screenshot/Official VGOD

If you can push O’s, you’re halfway there

ALERT: This Is The Last Week To Get FREE SHIPPING On all Vape Products With This Code

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Photo via Shutterstock

To name a few: vaper starter kits, vaper cigarettes, vape mods, vape tanks, e-Juice, pre-filled e-cig cartridges, herbal vaporizers, e-cigars and more

EXCLUSIVE: Interview With One of Vaping's Saviors, Ray Story

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Ray Story interviewed by Jack Kocsis (Richie McGuinness/Facebook)

Thank you, Ray

How Vaping Can Ease the Transition for Long-Time Smokers

Daily Vaper | Black Note
Photo via Shutterstock

Swapping out the old habit of smoking for the new habit of vaping not only fills the void, but it can make the transition easier for a number of other reasons.

Daily Vaper: Kanger Subvod Starter Kit Review

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YouTube screenshot/Vapor Trail Channel

‘It has great vapor production and intense flavor’

Daily Vaper: Joyetech Cuboid Mini Kit Review

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YouTube screenshot/AVAndy

‘The Cuboid Mini keeps nearly the same style as the original, but in a slim downed size’

Daily Vaper: Kanger Topbox Mini Kit Review

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YouTube screenshot/Mike Vapes

As a bonus, the Kangertech Mini RBA Plus deck is also included in this kit for advanced users who like to build their own coils

How Do I Spam O's?

Daily Vaper | Kevin Krilla
YouTube screenshot/Vape Central

How to perform this vape trick