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We Should Praise the WWE's Use of Vladimir Putin

Connor The Stone Crusher Michalek-WWE

They’re educating their readers about an important global problem.

In Syria, Obama may have created his own Iraq

Syria rebels

After setting up a showdown with the UN, he may have no chance but to ignore them.

Gay Americans should be focused on Russia

APTOPIX Russia Protest.JPEG

As LGBT Americans gain rights, Vladimir Putin cracks down on homosexuals in his country.

Iran could use a nuclear weapon against Israel and get away with it

Why Israel’s nuclear stockpile isn’t enough to deter an Iranian attack.

Palestinian terror is a larger obstacle to peace than Israeli construction

On Sunday, the New York Times ran a front-page news story slamming Israel. Was the story fair?

Russians in Syria won't be canaries in the coal mine

Why Putin is unlikely to order a mass evacuation of Russian nationals from Syria, no matter how bad the situation there becomes.

Biden reveals why the Obama administration abandoned Iraq

The administration made a political decision, not a strategic one.

Why Iran supports Hagel

Chuck Hagel has a long history of being soft on Iran and hostile toward Israel.

A massacre that Obama can stop

The case for intervening in Syria.

Obama's detention policies are worse than Guantanamo

Obama has kept detainees in overseas military prisons, where they have no access to U.S. courts and face bad living conditions.

For Americans, mass murder in Syria is just a statistic

Why it’s easy for us to ignore the tragedy that’s unfolding in Bashar Al-Assad’s Syria.

Reform in Saudi Arabia is essential to US interests

Unless the Saudi monarchy reforms, it will fall.

As UN veto proves, Russia is no ally

It’s time for President Obama to acknowledge that Russia is an adversary, not an ally.

Kofi Annan has damaged the UN's credibility and prolonged the Syrian crisis

Trying to negotiate with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was a mistake.

Why did President Obama destroy plausible deniability on cyber warfare?

The Stuxnet leak will have serious and long-lasting effects on our national security.

Obama's unanswered question on Afghanistan

Why the war could turn into an election-year headache for the president.

On Iran, take a lesson from Burma: verify and never trust

The West must refuse to negotiate with Iran until the Iranians take real action to curtail their nuclear program.

The insanity of PETA: Its frivolous lawsuit against SeaWorld compared whales to black slaves

Frivolous lawsuits like this one are a drain on our legal system.

Putin's folly: Why Syria could hasten the end of the Russian despot

Instead of trying to counter his image as a totalitarian despot, Putin has doubled down.

Americans don't want a return to the past

Why Newt Gingrich shouldn’t be marketing himself as a “Reagan Republican.”