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Will Eye Care Lobbyists Retain Their Consumer Rights Loophole?

op-ed | David Williams
Lobbyists are still making gains in President Donald J. Trump's Washington

The Idea Of Nonprofit Credit Unions Is Obsolete And Absurd. Why Do These Billion-Dollar Outfits Get Tax Breaks?

op-ed | David Williams
Over the past 18 months, credit unions bought out seven banks

National Academy Of Sciences Goes Full Sanders On Healthcare

op-ed | David Williams
Consumers have been down this road before

The Senate Passed Its Budget -- Now It Must Press On To Tax Reform

op-ed | David Williams
Time is truly of the essence.

We Need Financial Oversight For Puerto Rico's Hurricane Recovery

Opinion | David Williams
Endemic corruption and incompetence has left Puerto Rico unable to help itself.

A Whirlpool Bailout Hurts Consumers And Taxpayers

Opinion | David Williams
Calls for the government picking winners should be ignored.

Rep. Dent's Ill-Advised Power Grab

Opinion | David Williams

How Hospitals Turn Community Care And Taxpayer Subsidies Into Capital

Opinion | David Williams
'Laws should not be written to enrich any particular industry'

Time to Lift the Cuba Embargo

Opinion | David Williams
Trump might need to think this over...

States Should Take The Lead In Regulating Drone Deliveries

Opinion | David Williams
There's no reason we shouldn't have the benefits of this new type of commerce.

Removing Confederate Names From Schools Teaches Students The Wrong Lesson

Opinion | David Williams
Students will learn that honesty is overrated and bully tactics are rewarded.

Online Gaming Decisions Should be Left To States, Not D.C. Bureaucrats

Opinion | David Williams
Online gambling hosted in states that allow it is hardly the Wild West.

Phony Facebook Activism: Big Bird Edition

Opinion | David Williams and Ross Marchand
Any cause worth saving should be left to real activism, not Facebook slacktivism.

Pai Is Right: Private Sector Must Lead Broadband Investment

Opinion | David Williams
Competition suffers when the government enters the market.

Delaying Fiduciary Rule Was The Right Decision

Opinion | David Williams
Sometimes, the best thing government can do is just get out of the way.

Rep. Kevin Brady Takes A Stand Against Dishonest Tax Schemes

Opinion | David Williams
The truth is that we have no more time for games.

To Protect Taxpayers, Block Unnecessary Rail Regulation

Opinion | David Williams
Regulators should consider rules that foster private investment in necessary infrastructure.

Suspending Sovereign Immunity Could Lead To A Global Economic Crisis

| David Williams
JASTA incentivizes foreign nationals to target the U.S. for similar lawsuits.

EPA's Costly Legacy Of Neglect And Scandal Spills Into Puerto Rico

Opinion | David Williams
If the EPA is supposed to protect the public and the environment, it should do so with a modicum of common sense.

The Latest DISH On Washington Front Groups

Opinion | David Williams
The FCC must consider carefully the intentions of DISH moving forward and not be fooled again.

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