death tax

Let’s Stand Together On Death Tax Repeal

op-ed | Dan Weber
It hurts communities while not even being an effective revenue generator.

Senate Republicans Ready To Fight To Keep Death Tax In Tax Reform Package

Politics | Kerry Picket
'We have been thinking about that'

FACT CHECK: Does The Death Tax Only Apply To Estates Worth More Than $11 Million?

Politics | David Sivak
'This is not true.'

Don’t Fear The Death Tax Abolition

Opinion | James L. Martin
Republicans still wary of signing anything supported by President Trump

Joy Behar: Trump Ran For President To 'Cut His Own Taxes'

Entertainment | Mike Raust
Said he could save 'billions'

Obama's Budget Hits Seniors Right In Their Dinner Plate

Opinion | Jim Martin
More regulators and a death tax hike spells bad news for the elderly.

This One Vote Could Help Republicans' Chances Of Taking Back The Senate

Opinion | Christopher Bedford
It's all up to leadership now

House GOP Working To Bury The Death Tax This Summer

Opinion | Jim Martin & Pat Boone
Harry Reid is unlikely to allow a vote on the measure.

Downton and the death tax

Opinion | Candice Boyer
The real-life estate was once taxed at a half-million pounds. But death taxes don't just hurt the rich.

Time to end the 'temporary' death tax

Opinion | Jim Martin & Pat Boone
The tax was enacted in 1916 to help finance World War I.

Family business coalition urges Congress to address death tax

Politics | Betsi Fores
Currently, the tax has a $5 million exemption with all estates valued higher than that being taxed at 35 percent

2013: A very bad year to die

Politics | Christopher Bedford
If the current 'death tax' expires, 13 times more households will have to file for the tax in 2013

Lawmakers, activists ratchet up pressure on GOP leaders for full 'death tax' repeal

Business | Christopher Bedford
With January expiration of Bush tax cuts, estate tax set to rocket to 55 percent in January

Death tax showdown heads to Warren Buffett's home state

US | Bedford
Nebraska to hold hearings on on estate tax, governor backs abolition

Tennessee governor still hedging on death tax

Business | Bedford
Republican exec makes overtures to conservatives, but falls short of repeal favored by state GOP

Anti-death-tax advocates eye victory in Tennessee

Business | Bedford
Trade group urges Tenn. governor to support Republican-backed plan to eliminate postmortem tax on estates

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