Who Gets In The Primary Debates? A Serious Question For Republicans

Politics | Matt K. Lewis
Republican Candidates Participate In Debate At Reagan Library

‘The power to exclude is the power to destroy’

Gingrich: Republican focus on reducing debates 'a total waste of time'

Elections | Alex Pappas
Newt Gingrich

‘I liked the debates’

Stephanopoulos Not One Of Us

Politics | Alex Pappas
Katie Couric George Stephanopoulos

‘I think the party should have more control over who moderates’

John Bolton: 'Al-Qaida's on the run -- running right into our consulates, apparently' - TheDC

Politics | Gregg Re
Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton. Photo - AP.

‘The tragedy of the Arab Spring is, in part, our government didn’t understand’

Fact-check: Text of 2008 Romney op-ed debunks Obama's auto-bailout attack - TheDC

Business | Matthew Boyle
Auto bailout. Photo by Jeff Kowalsky, Getty.

Candidates spar over auto bailout, Romney op-ed

Romney, Obama, push economic pitch via foreign policy - TheDC

Politics | Neil Munro
Western part of the abandoned Packard automobile factory in Detroit. (Wikimedia Commons)

Both candidates argues that the nation’s security depends on economic rejuvenation

Celebrities offer brilliant, oh-so-poignant insights on final presidential debate - TheDC

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler
Cher tweets presidential debate

Lindsay Lohan: ‘OMG it is HAPPENING!!!!!!!! The Final Debate!!!!! I’m so nervous!’

Clips of Obama 'apology tour' undercuts debate denial [VIDEO] - TheDC

Politics | David Martosko
Presidential Campaign

Romney attacked Obama for ‘apology tour’ during Monday night debate

Obama insists sequestration not his fault, will never come to pass [VIDEO] - TheDC

Politics | The Daily Caller

‘The sequester is not something that I proposed. … It will not happen’

Obama talks green energy when asked about America's role [VIDEO]

Politics | The Daily Caller

‘We also have to develop clean energy technologies’

Romney emphasizes $16 trillion debt as national security threat [VIDEO] - TheDC

Politics | The Daily Caller

“America must lead. And for that to happen, we have to strengthen our economy here at home.’

90 Minutes To The Finish

Elections | The Daily Caller
Presidential Debate

Live-tweeting the final presidential debate

Top three energy issues likely to come up in foreign policy debate - TheDCNF

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch

Secretary of State Clinton calls energy a ‘matter of national security and global stability’

NRA takes aim at Obama's re-election

Guns and Gear | Jennifer White
President Barack Obama gestures toward a crowd. Photo: AP.

Doesn’t buy debate statement, ‘I support Second Amendment rights,’ endorses Romney, releases attack ad

'Binders full of women' rises in Google user search interest during presidential debate - TheDC

Politics | Josh Peterson
Ann and Mitt Romney

The phrase was boosted to third place in rising search interest by Google users entertained by the duel between Romney and President Obama.

Kimmel show asks people 'Who won the debate?' four hours before debate

Entertainment | Jennifer White
Last Night's Debate

‘Did you watch the whole thing?’ ‘Oh, yeah?’

Michelle Obama, Ann Romney commit unfathomable fashion faux pas [PHOTOS] - TheDC

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler
Michelle and Ann

Both potential first ladies wore the same color to second presidential debate

During Hofstra debate, social issues morphed into economy talking points

Elections | Will Mendelson
Presidential Debate

‘The economy is sucking all the oxygen out of the room’

Candidates launch attacks over oil and gas production, war on coal - TheDCNF

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch

Obama and Romney face off on energy issues