debbie wasserman schultz

Wasserman Schultz Refuses To Respond To Accusations She Attempted To Shut Down Awan Probe

Politics | Kerry Picket
We tried to ask her

'Mysterious Firing Case': Days After Imran Awan's Other Wife Called Police On Him, Gunmen Shot At Her

Investigative Group | Luke Rosiak and Wajid Ali Syed
Imran kept her 'like a slave'

Trump: 'Democrat IT Scandal Is A Key To Much Of The Corruption We See Today'

Investigative Group | Luke Rosiak
'Our Justice Department must not let Awan & Debbie Wasserman Schultz off the hook'

'F---ing Islamophobe': Sources Say Wasserman Schultz Screamed At House Officials To Kill Hacking Probe

Investigative Group | Luke Rosiak
'F---ing Islamophobe'

Imran Awan Allegedly Tried 'To Hide His Money' While DOJ Negotiates With Him

Investigative Group | Luke Rosiak and Wajid Ali Syed
'This is a national security issue, I can't emphasize that enough'

Prosecutors May Have Leaked Info In House Hacking Case To Democrats, Who Gave It To Imran Awan's Attorney

Investigative Group | Luke Rosiak
'Wait til you see what you screwed up there … you'll see'

Florida Judge Finds Ballots Were Illegally Destroyed In Wasserman Schultz House Race

Politics | Nick Givas
'I think dismissal is an appropriate remedy'

House Hacking Suspect Crushes 'Wacko Lunatic' Elderly Widow In Court Over $50,000 Deathbed Move

Investigative Group | Luke Rosiak
'For the sake of money they would have done anything'

Pakistani 'Mystery Man' Left A Laptop With Wasserman Schultz's Name On It In A Phone Booth

Investigative Group | Luke Rosiak
And DWS didn't want anyone to see what was on it

Chris Bedford Breaks Down To Maria Bartiromo The 'Pakistani Mystery Man' Behind Trump's Tweet

Politics | Robert Donachie
Find out what Trump was talking about here

Fifteen Things To Know About 'Pakistani Mystery Man' Imran Awan

Investigative Group | Luke Rosiak
It's not about bank fraud

Congressmen Repeatedly Failed To Supervise IT Aides With 'Keys To The Kingdom,' Officials Say

Investigative Group | Luke Rosiak
'A rogue system administrator could inflict considerable damage'

Congress And Wasserman Schultz Negligent For Allowing Hacking Suspects Continued Access, Expert Says

Investigative Group | Luke Rosiak
'Negligence trumping security and, worse yet, common sense'

DCNF Reporter Luke Rosiak Digs Deeper Into Imran Awan IT Scandal And It's Not Good News For Democrats

Politics | Nick Givas
'It's a hack on the Congress by foreigners, and the Democrats didn't care about it. They didn't stop it'

No Background Check For Imran Awan. How Did That Happen?

Investigative Group | Luke Rosiak

Democrats Introduce Bullet Control Bill

Politics | Derek Hunter

History Of Alleged Threats, Tampering By House Hacking Suspects Raises Questions About Whether Congressmen Are Being Blackmailed

Investigative Group | Luke Rosiak
'He absolutely is capable of trying to extort or blackmail'

Ethics Complaint: Democratic Congressman Entrusted His Computer Server To Fast Food Worker

Investigative Group | Luke Rosiak
'No logical or reasonable explanation'

Wasserman Schultz Desperately Wants To Ban This Fictional Gun Accessory

Politics | Amber Athey
Another made-up gun term

'You Might Even Say They Hacked Our Democracy': Tucker Blasts DOJ Over Congressional Hack

Politics | Thomas Phippen
'If the average joe were to do this stuff, they'd go straight to jail'

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