Deflation Hysteria And The Incentive To Inflate

Opinion | Keith Naughton

The solution to these challenges is not manufactured inflation.

A deflationary rate hike?

Opinion | Larry Kudlow

Interest rates are rising, but so is the risk of deflation.

The world against Bernanke: we just don't need QE2

Opinion | Larry Kudlow

Bernanke should think twice before going through with quantitative easing.

Jawbones and other economic weapons of mass destruction

Opinion | Bernie McSherry

A second round of quantitative easing — QE2 — may not happen.

Consumer confidence slips to lowest since February - Reuters

Business | interns

U.S. consumer confidence fell to its lowest level in seven months in September, underscoring lingering worries about the strength of the economic recovery

Financial experts and investors spooked by threat of deflation - TheDC

Business | Joe Tauke

Rising job losses and ‘unusual uncertainty’ within the economy have prompted the Federal Reserve and other major financial institutions to slash growth projections for the rest of 2010

Within the Fed, worries of deflation - NYT

Business | interns

James Bullard, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, warned that the Fed’s policies were putting the economy at risk

Goo goo for Gaga

Opinion | Bernie McSherry

After a quarter in which investors appeared to be having a bad romance with stocks, the market has been reeling off hits at a pace that would make even Lady Gaga envious

So-called financial reform will cause deflation

Feature:Opinion | Eric Singer
A defeat of the so-called financial reform bill will help avoid a double dip recession

Survival guide to tumbling markets - Forbes

Business | interns

Market gurus look to gold and commodities as places to put money

Debt-deflation-contagion panic: It’s a bloody mess

Opinion | Larry Kudlow

The Dow closed today off nearly 350 points. Earlier in the day the Dow was down 850 points, though there is talk of computer glitches and technical problems that may have temporarily undermined trading. Either way, the market is getting creamed as a result of the Greek story

Debt denial

Opinion | James Rickards

The sovereign debt crisis has crossed a threshold. It’s no longer about economics. It’s about math and a complex system whose dynamics tell us there is little time to avoid catastrophe and almost no exit. Going forward, elections and policies will matter less as the debt plague takes hold and dictates hard outcomes.

Consumer prices at lowest point in 27 years

Business | interns

Consumer prices rose less than expected in January while prices excluding food and energy actually fell, something that hasn’t happened in more than a quarter-century

The New Depression and the Fed’s illusion

Opinion | James Rickards

Recent positive GDP numbers lay bare the extent to which the supposed recovery is based on government paper-hanging and wishful thinking and is, in the end, non-sustainable. The New Depression began in 2007 and will run through 2011 or longer depending on policy. Semantic back flips, such as calling our condition the Great Recession to avoid using the word depression, will not change this fact.

Workingman’s Fed

Opinion | James Rickards

One of the most successful pieces of propaganda ever is the myth that the Federal Reserve exists to protect the dollar. Like all great myths it unifies its believers and shields them from the facts. But facts are stubborn things, as John Adams observed, and it is a fact that since the creation of the Federal Reserve the dollar has lost 92 percent of its purchasing power. If you had a nickel and three pennies in your hand, that’s what’s left of the dollar since the Fed took charge. Imagine if the Fed were in charge of air safety and 92 percent of the flights crashed on takeoff. That’s how well the Fed has done its purported job.