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New Jersey Town Amends Zoning Laws To Ban Vape Shops From Opening

Daily Vaper | Steve Birr

Most Unpopular Governor In The Country Is Increasing Renewable Energy Mandates

Energy | Jason Hopkins
Connecticut residents already suffer from high energy costs

Could Mark Cuban Be The Democrats' Response To Donald Trump?

Politics | Anders Hagstrom
He beats Trump in Texas?

'Undermining' Our History: Michigan Democrats Sob Over Curriculum Lacking Climate Change Info

Education | Dominic Mancini
'Literally' rewriting history

Democrats May Not Be Riding A Blue Wave This Fall: Goldman Sachs Analysis

Politics | Dominic Mancini
GOP jumps in generic ballot

Democratic Candidate Compares Trump Victory To 2,977 Americans Being Slaughtered By Terrorist Hijackers

Politics | Amber Athey
'The feeling I had after 9/11'

Democrats Attack Trump For Gas Prices But Hate Drilling In ANWR

Energy | Jason Hopkins
The two attack lines don't appear to jive

Nancy Pelosi Wonders Why There Isn't An 'Uprising' Against The Government

US | Amber Athey

Bernie Sanders Cheers Democratic Groups For Bringing 'Radical' And 'Extremist' Ideas Into The Mainstream

Politics | Amber Athey
'Those ideas are not mainstream American ideas'

Summary: The Most Amazing Breakdown Of Politics In Trump's America

Politics | Henry Rodgers
A must read

California Voters Reveal Displeasure Of Gas Tax By Booting Its Biggest Supporter

Energy | Jason Hopkins
A sign of things to come

Democratic Congressman Warns His Party That Impeachment Message Will Cost Them Elections

Politics | Amber Athey
'Separate ourselves from the 'I' word'

Alabama Democrat Running On Unlicensed Psychology Career

Politics | Hanna Bogorowski
'Pioneering psychologist'

MSNBC Asks Dem Rep Who The Leader Of His Party Is -- Even He Acknowledges The Awkward Silence That Follows

Politics | Amber Athey

OPINION: Has #MeToo Boomeranged On The Democrats?

Opinion | Stewart Lawrence
Democrats have a pronounced edge when it comes to reckless sexual transgressions

A Wannabe Assassin And Self-Described Pedophile Is Running For Congress -- Who's To Blame?

Politics | Anders Hagstrom
Not a good look

Voters Were Asked Who Leads The Democratic Party And Their Answers Were Awkward For Nancy Pelosi And Chuck Schumer

Politics | Peter Hasson
'There isn't one'

Avenatti Sought Money From Massive Democratic Donors -- Got Shot Down

US | Henry Rodgers

Dem Candidate Suspends Gubernatorial Campaign After Reports Of Sexual Misconduct

Politics | Henry Rodgers
Top Dem candidate

Democrats Would Be Wrong To Blame Trump For Higher Gas Prices

Energy | Jason Hopkins
International factors play a major part in the price of oil

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