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Report: Fort Knox Mishandled $270 Million In 'Energy-Savings' Projects

Defense Secretary Hagel and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Dempsey hold a press briefing at the Pentagon

‘The lack of adequate internal controls increases the risk of fraud, waste, and abuse’

Is Our Soldiers Learning?

The Pentagon has no idea, since it paid unqualified contractors for pointless education evaluations

Defense Sec Hagel: We Will Do Everything Possible To Destroy ISIS

U.S. Secretary of Defense Hagel speaks at a news conference at the Pentagon in Washington

‘Airstrikes alone won’t fulfill — accomplish — what the mission is’

PENTAGON OFFICIAL: America's Failure Is Hillary Inc's 2016 Politics

The Libyan mission had a sponsor, and its name is 2016

Audit: US Weapons Could Fall Into Hands Of Insurgents

‘There is real potential for these weapons to fall into the hands of insurgents’

Pentagon Successfully Tests First Small-Caliber, Self-Guided Bullets

Accurate at over one-mile away

Pentagon Still Allowing Contractors To MASSIVELY Overcharge For Parts

Singapore Aviation Airshow 2014

Paid over $8K for a $400 gear!

Obama Scrambling To Find 180 Military Barracks To House Illegals

Unaccompanied Minors In Texas

If you build loopholes and housing, they will come

The Obama National Security Team's Expensive Lack of Focus

U.S. Secretary of Defense Hagel speaks at the NSA in Fort Meade

Why should we keep subsidizing the president’s feckless foreign policy?

Free!: Police Departments Tout No-Cost War Tanks

‘Taxpayers didn’t have to pay anything for it’

DOD Snowden Investigation: Foreign Spy?


‘Snowden specifically exhibited…behavior indicative of someone who had extensive tradecraft training in espionage’

Pentagon Cuts Military Raises And Benefits, Spends $150 Per Gallon In Green Jet Fuel

A F-16 fighter jet belonging to the U.S. Air Force takes off during bilateral one-week training exercises in Transylvania

‘Can no longer put off rebalancing our military compensation’

SHOCK REPORT: Government Is Inefficient

(Photo: Flickr/Creative Commons)

Pentagon to destroy $1 billion of ammunition

The military-industrial complex and their political allies endanger American servicemen

A worker cleans the entryway prior to Hagel's arrival for his first day as Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia

The Littoral Combat Ship and camouflage pattern boondoggles are the rule, not the exception.

Senator presses Pentagon on why cadet's Bible verse was erased

Senator Mike Lee with Senator Rand Paul in background. Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images.

‘How can this particular Bible verse, quoted by this cadet from the Book of Galatians… be deemed inappropriate?’

Boeing's 'Black' smartphone for spies self-destructs to save secrets

Boeing Black

‘Any attempt to break open the casing of the device would trigger functions that would delete the data and software’

Defense Department's advanced weapons arm funds dream interpretation research

'These results indicate that [dream] symbols tend to be connected to the same neighbors across languages'

In closed-door briefings, lawmakers express disbelief about military inaction in Benghazi

Benghazi. Photo: AFP/Getty Images

House Armed Services release details about military’s response

Is this the greatest US general since Patton?

Maj. Gen. Michael Carey. Air Force.

Yeah it is

Where the sequester never happened

U.S. Secretary of Defense Hagel and Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Dempsey hold joint news conference at Pentagon in Washington
'Still not entirely facing up to the reality'