USC Faculty Call For President To Resign Amid Sexual Abuse Scandal

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Newly constructed student housing at the University of Southern California would be used as media housing as the International Olympic Committee Evaluation Commission tours LA 2024's bid for the Summer 2024 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, California, U.S., May 11, 2017. REUTERS/Mike Blake

‘While we have no evidence of criminal conduct…’

101 People Owe More Than $1 Million In Federal Student Loans

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Coins saving set on books for concept investment education and scholarships (CREDIT: ITTIGallery/Shutterstock)
2.5 million borrowers owe at least $100,000

Evergreen State Is Cutting Tons Of Staff Because No One Wants To Attend The School Anymore

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‘These layoffs … represent a profound loss felt by many’

Germany Punishes Parents Who Let Kids Skip School For Vacation

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Pictured is a desk in a classroom. (Shutterstock/ABO PHOTOGRAPHY) |

‘It’s just as if we pulled over a car with a school-age child’

Civil Rights Groups Go Ballistics Over DeVos’ Illegal Alien Remark

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‘To suggest otherwise only serves to frighten children’

High School Principal Apologizes For 'Party Like It's 1776' Prom Theme

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Pelicans fly past a tattered American flag at Surfside Park near Vilano Beach, north of St. Augustine, Florida, U.S., January 26, 2018. Picture taken January 26, 2018. REUTERS/Gregg Newton

‘I especially apologize to our African American students’

School Board Member Says Sorry After Calling Officer A 'Skinhead' And Saying Police 'Hurt Black People'

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‘I’m scared of cops because you guys hurt black people’

Florida Teacher Allegedly Drowns Two Raccoons In Front Of Students

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A raccoon stares into the camera with a touching gaze. (Shutterstock/Sedov Ivan) | Teacher Drowns Raccoons For Students?

‘They finally took the cage out of the water…’

Report: Teachers Spend $500 On Average For School Supplies

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A man doles out money. (Shutterstock/Andrey_Popov) | Teachers Spend $500 For School Supplies

‘The need is getting greater and greater’

Yale Has 14 Times More Emotional Support Animals Than It Did In 2017

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Yale students can live with emotional support animals on campus. (Shutterstock/Melissa Harry)

‘We were mandated to create the program’

Special Ed Advocate: Over 80 Percent Of Special Education Students Shouldn't Be There

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Pictured is an empty classroom with chairs and desks. (Shutterstock/hxdbzxy) | How Many Students Belong In Special Ed?

‘School systems conceal actual performance through grade inflation’

California High School Insists Student ‘Promoting Violence’ With Pro-Gun Rights Flag

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Pictured is an old Snubnose 45 Pistol with six bullets. (Shutterstock/W. Scott McGill)

‘I don’t get how this is promoting violence, just by supporting the Constitution’

Dartmouth Wants To Fix Gender Gap In Its Donations

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Looking down the Dartmouth Green with trees beginning to show fall colors and a blue sky with puffy white clouds on a nice autumn day the Baker Library and its bell tower is in the background (Shutterstock/Dan Lewis) | Dartmouth Wants To Fix Gender Giving Gap

‘We have a lot of work to do’

University Backs Out Of 'Guilt And Shame' Conference Open To White Students Only

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Confused woman gives a most inquisitive glance. (Shutterstock/AstridSinai)

‘Must be open to all members of the university community’

Puerto Rico To Receive $589 Million More In Federal Aid 6 Months After Devastating Hurricanes

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Samuel Vasquez rebuilds his house, which was partially destroyed by Hurricane Maria, while his wife Ysamar Figueroa looks on, whilst carrying their son Saniel, at the squatter community of Villa Hugo in Canovanas, Puerto Rico, December 11, 2017. Villa Hugo is a settlement initially formed by people whose houses were damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Hugo in 1989. REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins SEARCH "RAWLINS HUGO" FOR THIS STORY. SEARCH "WIDER IMAGE" FOR ALL STORIES. - RC110A1126A0

‘To fully recover and rebuild’

SURVEY: Under $1,000 In Nearly A Third Of College Freshmen's Savings Accounts

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A man doles out money. (Shutterstock/Andrey_Popov) | Teachers Spend $500 For School Supplies

‘More people are looking at alternatives to traditional … education’

Students Get Half Of White Authors Removed From Course, Now Want The Rest Gone

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Female college student reading book under the tree in the park. (Shutterstock/Pormezz)

‘Learning about white culture is more urgent and foundational to a college education’

Public School Official Under Fire For Raising Employee’s Salary By EIGHT Times Normal Rate

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Hands hold dollar bills. (Shutterstock/dindumphoto) | UMich Funnels $11 Million Into Diversity

‘This is a reckless disregard for taxpayer dollars’