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Hawaiians Are Not A Tribe

Thousands march in Hawaii

The DOI’s proposal is clearly unconstitutional, and support for it has more to do with cynical ethnic spoils.

Obama Seeks Race-Based Government In Hawaii

Thousands march in Hawaii

Diversity plan would give one race its own government

Senator calls on Interior Dept. not to use drones to count sheep

Spain Sheep Crossing

‘The Department must … find innovative ways to do more with less’

Obama's new Interior Secretary nominee received Obamacare waiver for her company

Barack Obama Interior

Obama on REI: ‘Every single employee is covered’ with health care

Obama picks environmentalist CEO for Interior Secretary job

Sally Jewell

Progressives thrilled with green-minded pick

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to leave Obama administration in March - TheDCNF


Critics say Salazar ‘presided over the most abysmal stewardship of public lands in recent history’

Critics: Interior shows preference to renewables while denying fossil fuels - TheDCNF

Ken Salazar

‘Unreliable, intermittent and expensive energy sources will receive preferential treatment’

Democrats tout 'energy independence' under Obama - TheDCNF


While oil and gas production has increased, it is not because of Obama administration policies, think tank president says

First lady's 'Let's Move!' support among criteria to win gov't contracts - TheDC

Michelle Obama

Support for ‘climate friendly strategies,’ first lady’s ‘Let’s Move!’ effort expected from Interior Department concessions operators

Former Interior Dept. adviser: Administration's report on dam removal 'intentionally biased' - TheDC

Klamath River Basin

Official claims Klamath River Basin dam removal proposal did not tell the whole truth

Obama moves cautiously on new oil drilling - USA Today

Obama Drilling Moratorium

Entire west and east coasts of the continental U.S. remain out of bounds

BOEMRE official lashes out at 'sniping' over oil drilling permit delays - TheDC

‘What was destructive, corrosive and not done in good faith was the sniping from certain public officials’

Congressional Republicans push to sell federal land - TheDC

Rep. Jason Chaffetz creates bill that would sell off government lands that serve ‘no public purpose’

Court rules feds can stall on drilling permit approvals - TheDC

A federal appellate court has said Interior Secretary does not have to comply with a previous court order to act on drilling permits in 30 days

Congress launches counteroffensive to Obama's war on fossil fuels - TheDC Opinion

A bipartisan coalition in Congress is finally pushing back against the president’s progressive energy agenda.

Dems slip Indian gambling measure into spending bill - Washington Examiner

Provision would allow the Secretary of Interior to unilaterally give groups Indian tribe status, leading to a massive expansion in the number of casinos

Did Kyl already violate GOP ban on earmarks? - AP

Senate Republicans’ ban on earmarks – money included in a bill by a lawmaker to benefit a home-state project or interest – was short-lived

Todd Seavey, punk rocker

Is punk rock conservative?

Judge on drilling ban: second verse, same as the first - WSJ

Decision strikes down second federal attempt at oil-drilling moratorium, noting it’s fundamentally the same as first challenge

British Prime Minister 'completely understands' BP anger - CNN

Tuesday marked the three month anniversary of the spill