FACT CHECK: Did 10,000 People Die Because Of Social Security Disability Wait Times?

Politics | Emily Larsen
'This is not a well-oiled machine over here'

Tightening Social Security Disability Will Obviously Lead To Higher Unemployment

op-ed | Joanne Butler
The disability system needs a strong, smart commissioner with abundant leadership skills

Blind Man Sues McDonald's Because He Can't Use The Drive-Thru

Business | Eric Owens
His lawyer -- the 'Latino Fist' -- suggests a massive phone installation

Disability Benefits As An Economic Escape Hatch

Opinion | Joanne Butler
These disability numbers seem to indicate that aging low skilled workers have left the employment pool for good.

Autistic Man Works At Applebee's For A Year, Never Gets Paid

US | Alex Pfeiffer
Now they might be severely underpaying him

Ohio Teacher Who Claimed CHILD-PHOBIA 'Disability' Loses Federal Appeal

Education | Eric Owens
Chest pains, vomiting, stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, nightmares...

'Physically disabled' man filed for disability benefits but could somehow play basketball that same week

US | Caroline May
Fittingly, the man owned a shop called 'Criminal Coffee'

Poll: Many Americans blame welfare for 'persistent poverty'

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
April was the 195th month disability collections grew

Obama urged to solve backlog of veteran disability benefits

Politics | Caroline May
Members of Congress say VA is 'clearly on the wrong track'

Almost half of new military veterans seek disability benefits

US | InternAdmin

Choosing a Self-Defense Handgun That’s Best For You and Your Disability (Part 2)

Guns and Gear | Mike Piccione
This is a review of revolvers, semi-automatic, compact and full size handguns and single action arms and the information applies to all shooters.

Choosing a Self-Defense Handgun That’s Best For You and Your Disability (Part 1)

Concealed Carry & Home Defense | Mike Piccione
Brand, features and price aren't as important as making an informative decision based on the limitations associated with a physical disability.

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