'Do You Think We Should Abolish ICE?' Simple Question, Right? Watch The DNC Chair Try To Answer It

Politics | Julia Nista
Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Tom Perez dodged the question of whether or not the the U.S. should abolish ICE Friday on MSNBC.

CrowdStrike Bragged About Purging Russians From The DNC's Networks. Now We Know They Were Wrong

Investigative Group | Andrew Kerr
CrowdStrike claimed they purged Russians from the DNC's servers in June 2016. They didn't

The DNC Just Made An Embarrassing Error While Attacking Trump's SCOTUS Nominee

Politics | Peter Hasson
'That's not even Judge Kavanaugh'

Sounds Like The DNC Hates America

op-ed | Julia Nista
Can they be any less patriotic?

If You Were Feeling Good About America On July Fourth, Read This Downer Of A DNC Statement

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'Values are under attack'

Caught On Tape: Listen To The Moment DNC Members Found Out Kennedy Was Retiring -- It's Painful

Politics | Benny Johnson
"Oh My God"

Keith Ellison Just Got Caught Endorsing A Radical Message

Politics | Peter Hasson
He's the DNC's number-two guy

Journalists Mock DNC For Pitiful Effort To Turn Out Minority Voters

Media | Julia Nista
Looking a little small there, Dems

Lawsuit Alleges Democrats Circumvented Campaign Finance Laws To Fundraise For Clinton 2016

Elections | Kerry Picket

Proposed DNC Rule Would Undercut Bernie Repeat In 2020

Politics | Virginia Kruta
'...a bid to block Bernie?'

Bernie Sanders: DNC Chair 'Absolutely' Made A Mistake

Politics | Dominic Mancini
'There is massive discontent with the political system'

Ellison Makes A Last-Second File For Minnesota AG -- Leaves Congressional Seat Behind

US | Julia Nista
DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison made a last-second file for the Minnesota attorney general race Tuesday, leaving behind his seat in Congress.

DNC's Keith Ellison Thinks Work Requirements For Food Stamps Are Outrageous

US | Julia Nista
'This is the mentality of the people we're talking about'

Tom Perez's DNC May Have Just Hit A New Low

Politics | Peter Hasson
'They gave their lives for our country's ideals'

DNC No. 2 Keith Ellison Has A Great Idea For Destroying NFL Football

Politics | Peter Hasson
'I love football'

DNC Chair's Pants Catch On Fire After He's Forced To Eat His Own Words On Hiring Diversity

Politics | Julia Nista
'We feel used'

DNC Chairman Goes All-In For Andrew Cuomo's New York Governor Campaign

Politics | Julia Nista
National chairman of the Democratic National Committee Tom Perez endorsed incumbent Andrew Cuomo for New York state governor over his opponent actress Cynthia Nixon Thursday.

DNC Congratulates 'Latina' Texas Candidate — Except She's Filipino

Politics | Virginia Kruta
'Once they realized...'

Keith Ellison Spotted Wearing Something That Gives Away Democrats' Entire Immigration Agenda

Politics | Peter Hasson
'I don't believe in borders'

WAR ON BERNIE: Bill Clinton Reportedly Tells DNC Chair To Keep Bernie Supporters Out Of Power

US | Amber Athey
'Explicit instructions'

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