Train Your New Dog With Puppy Pads

Daily Dealer | Masha Berman
Such a great product to get my dog started

Viral Video Shows Dogs Jumping Rope, And It's An Embarrassment To Dogs Everywhere

Entertainment | David Hookstead

Another Day, Another Death Because Of A Pit Bull

US | Scott Greer
This time an elderly woman

Watch This Dog Become A National Hero By Saving Its Friend's Life

Entertainment | Jena Greene

OMG -- Dogs. Eating Human Food. Being Super Cute.

Entertainment | Janie Reynolds
Check it out.

Keep Your Dog Happy In The Summertime With This Pet Pool Float

Daily Dealer | Karen Woods
As low as $35 for small dogs

Your Dog Deserves A Memory Foam Bed

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
Today this one - with foam made in the USA - is on sale

Get This Dog Seat And Save Yourself The Cost Of Upholstery Shampooing

Daily Dealer | Karen Woods
A mere $30

Trump Department Of Veterans Affairs Must Act On DOG ABUSE

op-ed | Roger Stone
For the moment, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, too

WHO YA GOT -- Bad Guy Or K-9 Dog?

US | Benny Johnson

Things Our Dogs Would Say If They Could Speak And Were Incredibly Sarcastic

op-ed | Michael C. Kerrigan
Do I want a treat? I drink from your toilet. What do you think?

Government Funds Should Not Be Used For Hurting Dogs -- So Stop!

op-ed | Roger Stone
It's a high-profile, easily fixable controversy

This Dog Should Be Named Citizen Of The Year For Saving Its Family

US | Jena Greene
We don't deserve dogs

Jeff Flake Doesn't Even Deserve A Dog

op-ed | James T. Harris
Arizonans began to turn their backs on Sen. Jeff Flake long ago

Dog Helps Police Find Missing Toddler, Reminding The World That Canines Are The Best

US | David Hookstead
Dogs are the greatest

Olivia Munn Being Pro-Dog Is Proof Everybody Should Be On The Bandwagon

Entertainment | David Hookstead
She has tons of fans

Hurricane Washes Packs Of Stray Dogs Into The Ocean

World | Gabrielle Okun
Washed to sea.

Chicago's Newest Problem Has NOTHING To Do With Gangs Or Guns

US | Eric Owens
'These are NOT lost pets'

POLL: Should Loud Dogs Be 'Debarked' By Court Order?

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher

26 Dogs In Honor Of National Dog Day

Entertainment | Hannah Simmons
Because why not

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