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Menendez allies now accusing FBI of kidnapping, harassment


Embattled Democratic senator’s Dominican associates expand conspiracy claims to include top U.S. law enforcement agency

Bob Menendez and the ladies of the evening: What we know

Max Cleland Campaigns With Menendez At Veterans Breakfast

Serious questions remain about affidavits announced Monday in the Dominican Republic

WaPo report confuses one prostitute with another in bid to debunk Menendez allegations

Bob Menendez

One prostitute claims she was ‘surreptitiously taped,’ even though she consented to being on video

Report: Menendez donor could see 250,000-percent return on Dominican port security investment

Bob Menendez

Salomon Melgen paid $100k for stake worth up to $500 million — with Menendez’s help

Menendez poll numbers hold steady, despite allegations of sexual misconduct

Robert Menendez

Most respondents not bothered by ongoing scandals

Report: Menendez took unreported 2008 Dominican Republic trip on donor's jet

Robert Menendez

Source to Fox News: ‘He was on the doc’s jet in 2008 — that I guarantee’

Washington Post: Prostitutes occasionally work resort at center of Menendez sex scandal - TheDC

Prostitute black and white

Working girls ‘secreted into Casa de Campo in the back seats of chauffeur-driven SUVs’

Anonymous prostitute's shocking handwritten account recalls sex with Menendez at 16

Robert Menendez

‘I had intimate relations with him on more than one occasion’

Prostitute points to wealthy Dominican politician as sex-party participant

Castillo and Menendez

‘They threatened those girls and told them to not talk, and that they couldn’t leave’

In Congress, Menendez made impassioned plea to end sex trafficking [VIDEO]

Menendez CSPAN

Senator now stands accused of sleeping with underaged prostitutes

Dominican prostitute: Sen. Bob Menendez 'likes the youngest and newest girls'

Bob Menendez

Young woman details sex parties with Sen. Menendez organized by campaign donor

Jay Leno jokes about Menendez prostitution scandal on 'Tonight Show' [VIDEO]

‘So, once again, foreign workers doing the jobs Americans don’t want to do, right?’

2012 event boasted Menendez is 'empowering women worldwide' - TheDC

Senate Intern Arrested.JPEG

Flyer: Menendez has defended ‘a woman’s right to be .. safe from trafficking and exploitation’

Emails show FBI investigating Sen. Bob Menendez for sleeping with underage Dominican prostitutes - TheDC

Senate Intern Arrested.JPEG

‘I recall his visit in June so well because that month was my 17th birthday’

Dominican government official: Sen. Bob Menendez a frequent guest at 'sex, hookers and drinking' parties - TheDC

New Jersey U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez makes a point. Chip Somodevilla - Getty Images

‘They have sex orgies, lesbian stuff — girls making out with each other and what not’

Women: Sen. Bob Menendez paid us for sex in the Dominican Republic [VIDEO] - TheDC


Women: Sen. Bob Menendez paid us for sex in the Dominican Republic

Charlie Rangel: Let's stick to the facts

Don’t believe the headlines; Rangel is a great man.

E.P.A. suspect found - NYT

After being convicted of environmental damages in Nov. 2008, Albania Deleon, who fled two days before her sentencing in March 2009, was found in the Dominican Republic

Obama jets to vacation with a huff and a jab - TheDC

Obama slammed Republican senators for what he said was “obstruction that defies common sense”