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Who will win? Drunk guy or the fence?

Guess who

Top 5: Best videos of the Toilet Run at Preakness [VIDEO]

Each year, people think it is a great idea to run across the top of Porta Potties as onlookers throw beer cans at them

Drunk Florida man shoots hole through city's water tower

Mark Fitzgerald

Mark Fitzgerald of Dunedin was allegedly driving in a golf cart while firing shots from a rifle and a handgun early Tuesday

Top 10: Intoxicated cats [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC


These felines hit the bottle — hard

Daniel Radcliffe admits being drunk while filming 'Harry Potter' scenes - People

daniel radcliffe

‘I can point to many scenes where I’m just gone, dead behind the eyes’

Man facing DWI charge brings booze to hearing - NBC New York

Police say man showed up to court drunk, carrying beer

Drunken dance off: Wasted substitute teacher throws spur of the moment grade school dance contest - TheDC

An inebriated substitute starts a dance contest with elementary school students, who were found dancing on desks and chairs

12-year-old faces dwi - Star Tribune

A Minnesota officer stops a car that missed a curve in the road, only to find a pre-teen behind the wheel–drunk

Woman greets cops naked with beer in hand - AZ Republic

Man called the police after his girlfriend vandalized his car, police find woman without clothes and drinking a beer

The drunkest states of America [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

Can your state hold its liquor?

One in the oven, literally - The Daily Caller

One Kentucky cook apparently took Jonathan Swift’s satirical proposal to heart this week when he stuck his five-week-old son in the oven overnight

Caution: Drunks - Times of London

“Attention – Drunks” Road signs warning drivers that drunken people may be in the road have been put up to reduce the number of accidents

Hair of the dog and handcuffs -

The ex-Newcastle United and Spurs midfielder was taken into custody along with another man by police called to the Blackwell Grange Hotel in Darlington on Monday night

Maualuga arrested on drunk driving charge - THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Police in northern Kentucky have arrested Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga on charges of drunken and careless driving after he hit a parking meter and two parked cars early Friday with his 2003 Pontiac