Fergie packs on the pounds for personal trainer - Daily Mail

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Among other debts is Sarah Ferguson’s bill for a personal trainer who helps maintain her lavish lifestyle

Can it get any worse for Fergie? - The Telegraph

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Sarah Ferguson has had her share of embarrassing moments, but being forced to let go of her entire staff due to her current financial crisis makes her humiliation complete

The girl can't help it - The Daily Caller

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It seems that our favorite ex-royal, who could not learn from her mistakes if she tried, has made a major faux pas yet again

Sarah Ferguson to Oprah on Sting: I was drinking - ABC News

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‘I haven’t faced the devil in the face. Because I was in the gutter at that moment,’ she said, according to a transcript released by the show on Monday

Royally screwed - News of the World

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Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson plots to sell access to Prince Andrew